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New Megadeth Single ‘Killing Time’ Is Coming ‘Any Day Now’, Says Dave Mustaine

New Megadeth Single 'Killing Time' Is Coming 'Any Day Now', Says Dave Mustaine

on Wednesday, March 30, Dave Mustaine speak to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunks” about the upcoming megadeth album, “Sick, Dying, and Dead”, Follow-up likely on July 8, 2016 “dystopia” presents a cover of dead kennedy, “Police Truck” And sammy hagrow‘s “This planet is on fire”the latter of which contains the vowels of hanger she herself.

About when fans can expect to hear something new megadeth music, Mustaine Said (as written by) BLABBERMOUTH.NET🙂 ): “We know the whole thing is scheduled for July 8th. And hopefully we’ll be on time with it. And I know we have a single that’s going to be serviced on the radio any day now. is a song called ‘waste of time’, Obviously it is [written about] There is someone in my past, but it’s not as clear as it seems; this is wasting away Your time, not the time to kill things. And it had to do with some of the situations that over time I and different band members associated themselves with the band. And I’m sure a lot of people will join in. So that one, it’ll be sent on the radio any day now.”

asked whether megadeth Will perform a new song on the upcoming 2022 leg “The Metal Tour of the Year”Which is set to launch on Saturday April 9th ​​in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mustaine Said: “We have this track called ‘Night Hunter’, and we’re looking forward to using that as our new opening track. Neither of us are together yet, so we haven’t had a chance to sit down and take all the hiccups off the track except when we were in the studio together. But once we get used to it for our opening track, it has some voices that we’re going to include in the beginning of our show. And this is a track that we have… my friend ice tea was a guest.”

Mustaine talked about in detail “Night Hunter” in a separate interview with jose mangin Of SiriusXM Liquid Metal, He added: “It’s a brutal song. I can’t remember if that was the fastest [on the new album] Or not. but ‘Night Hunter’ There’s about the 160th Battalion with the United States Army, and it’s all black-ops helicopters that go into the night – no one knows they’re there; They are in, they are out. and i had my friend ice tea join me in a part in the middle of this, because Ice Was a ranger for the army, and he did two tours in Afghanistan, I think it was. I think he was back in ’91, when I first met him. Maybe a little earlier than that, but I know he was a ranger. And I just did something on his last record. But when I asked him, I thought it would be great for him because of his bravery and then the fact that he’s got real credibility as someone out there. And then we’ve got a lot of other people to participate in the track to make it as real as possible. We’re going to the base to film helicopter footage and a bunch of sounds and that sort of thing. We have three videos that we’re making for this record in Brazil right now, and we’re piecing together all that production and stuff from the base, along with the helicopter and everything, to make this first three-song video . offering.”

About this hangerIn Contribution “This planet is on fire”, Mustaine said “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunks”: “It’s a very heavy song. And that’s the good thing about it [is] We didn’t just sing; [Sammy] Played on that too. So we have a little guitar; We have a lot of singing. I think it’s super badass.”

related to megadethdecision to cover “Police Truck”, Mustaine Said: “It’s no secret I’m a big dead kennedy fan, and I wanted to ‘Vacation in Cambodia’but my friends lose rocket did that, and I thought [I would] Just let them take away their glory from that rendition of that song, and if the time comes, I’m sure there’s another song I’ll love. And there was – this song was ‘Police Truck’, So we recorded that.”

few days back, Mustaine confirmed that Rule bassist Steve DiGiorgio Bass track laid on “Sick, Dying, and Dead”,

there was speculation about DiGiorgioparticipation in new megadeth LP since last July cameo Video Mustaine Recorded in which he offered the first glimpse of the re-recorded bassist David EllefsonOn the much awaited bass track megadeth Attempt.

DiGiorgio Widely renowned in heavy metal music as a pioneer on the fretless bass, played with Rule, Death And Sadus, among others. within your style, Steve He is respected for his playing skills, versatility and incredible technique. He has recorded over 40 studio albums and has been touring the world for over 20 years.

Three months ago, Mustaine found out that james lomenzo will play bass for megadeth When the Road Returns in April for the band’s second US leg “The Metal Tour of the Year”, Joining them will be the co-lead Lamb of God with special guests trivium And in flames,

lomenzo Joined megadeth appeared in 2006 and on the group’s two studio albums, 2007’s “United Abominations” and of 2009 “endgame”, He was fired from the band in 2010 and replaced with the original comeback. megadeth bassist David Ellefson,

In addition to this megadeth, lomenzo have played with Ozzy Osbourne, zakk wild And white Lion, For the last nine years, lomenzo performing with the iconic rocker John Fogerty,

lomenzo played his first show with megadeth In Austin, Texas last August in almost 12 years. The concert took place three months later Ellefsondismissal from megadeth After posting obscene messages and obscene video footage with him Twitter,

Ellefson kept your bass track going megadethSixteenth LP at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee in May 2020. A short time later, he spoke about his performance on the record, saying 96.7 KCAL-FM radio program “Wired in the Empire” that with their musical chemistry verburen was comparable to the interaction between geddy lee And Neil Pert on classic Crowd album. “I Feel Like New” megadeth record, me and skewer Those are the moments,” he said. “It is.” megadeth – This Crowd, obviously — but in the field of what we do, there were moments when I was just going, ‘Oh, my God.’ This is me going as a kid, ‘It’s mine’ geddy,nilo The moment right here.'”

In June 2021, Mustaine announced during one of their episodes gimme radio Program “The Dave Mustaine Show” She EllefsonBass track will not be used in the new megadeth LP

Ellefson was in megadeth From the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until their latest departure.

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