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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mystical Denies Bond Over Rape, False Imprisonment Charges – Billboard

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Mystikal was denied bond by a Louisiana judge Tuesday (August 2) in the wake of the rapper’s arrest over the weekend, alleging that he killed a woman at his Baton Rouge-area home on July 31. was beaten and raped and held against her will. , According to advocateState District Judge Steven Turo ruled that the weight of the evidence against 51-year-old rapper-born Michael Lawrence Tyler, as well as his past legal history and victim’s fears, was enough to nab the “Shake It Fast” rapper. Jail till trial.

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Tyler is accused of assaulting the woman Saturday at his home during an “irregular and violent” encounter during which he allegedly took her car keys and held the unnamed woman against his will; An arrest warrant said the rapper allegedly prayed to the woman to drive away her “evil spirits”.

advocate reported that Tyler’s defense attorney, Roy Maughan Jr., had sought $250,000 in bail and later objected to the judge’s decision, but said an appeal is unlikely based on Turo’s detailed analysis. ; Maughan has said that his client is innocent.

The rapper was booked on Sunday on first-degree rape, simple robbery, domestic abuse battery by strangulation, criminal damage to property and five drug counts added after a search of his home. Tyler is a lifelong registered sex offender who in 2003 served 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual battery and extortion; In December 2020, prosecutors in northwest Louisiana dropped the rape and kidnapping charges, which had jailed Tyler for 18 months, citing a lack of evidence.

The site notes that defendants in Louisiana generally have the right to bail, but in severe violent cases, judges have the right to hold pre-trial suspects without bail if they grant them a flight right or a continuing cause for the victim or community. consider danger. Prosecutors reportedly argued that Tyler has a high probability of committing another similar crime, based on their analysis.

Tyler has had several other arrests since the mid-1990s—including marijuana possession, misdemeanor domestic violence and first-degree rape—none of which were convicted. The rapper’s attorney unsuccessfully attempted to state that, apart from the 2003 plea, Tyler has never been convicted of any other crime, neither of those cases has missed a court date, and that his reputation has not led to his death. It would be difficult for him to escape the authorities if he took off.

Maughan also reportedly noted that a sheriff’s detective admitted in testimony that the accuser of Tyler had a long-standing relationship with MC since the late 1990s and that he had previously accused her of assault. was not imposed. Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith testified Tuesday that the woman went to Tyler’s home around 8 p.m. on Saturday to discuss alleged financial commitments and that the rapper’s behavior “suddenly” after returning from the bathroom. got changed.

At the time, he allegedly accused her of stealing cash, strangling her and pulling her hair, later apologizing, praying and raping her to cleanse her from “evil spirits”. Wine sprinkled, Keith said.

The rapper is best known for his special credits on songs such as his 2000 hit “Shake or Us” and the chart-topping 2001 hit Stutter and Ludacris’ 2002 “Move Bitch”. Mystical has also starred in several films, including 13 Dead Men, Makin’ Baby, My Side Piece, Mississippi Turnup, Mack and Devin Go to High Schooleven more.

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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