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Music is Silent from 3 Deaths in a Day – Slipped DiscSlipped Disc

Norman Labrecht

April 19, 2022

musician Harrison BurtwistleGifted with a sound that cannot be mistaken for another.

Pianist Radu LupuA humble ethereal interpreter of Schubert and Beethoven, above all else.

Pianist Nicholas AngelichA rare sensitive for a Francophone American Ravel.

All taken in a single day.

Here are some tributes.

Conductor Susanna Malki: What a sad day for music. The news of Sir Harrison Bertwistle leaving us is also a great loss… Another generation of true stalwarts of modernity are passing away.
Being such a sweet and funny person, he wrote such amazingly powerful and uncompromising music, it is heartwarming in many ways. I remember very well my first meeting with him – it was in Lucerne in 2004. I was invited for the first time to organize the Ensemble Intercontemporan, and the program consisted of nothing less than a secret theater by him, as well as “Tragodia”. , as well as some other scary pieces. I knew he would be there, and in fact we met at the usual rehearsal. Needless to say, I was quite nervous seeing him after the run, but he was cute…. And having greeted me warmly, he confidently whispered in my ear: “I’m so glad you do the right speed fast. Pierre is always too slow!!” And he laughed.
After the concert, I also met this certain “Pierre” for the first time – a moment I had feared for weeks, of course. And there he was: Backstage, laughing so hotly – and copying the crazy fast segment at Secret Theater!!!! My baptism with fire was filled with unexpected smiles!
may he rest in peace. I’m sure there’s quite a pretty debate going on about counterpoint, on a remote cloud.

Pianist Eric Lu: It is disastrous to imagine that this great, humble, gigantic music has left this earth. Radu Lupu was an exceptionally great musician – with a capital M. And his music-making was life-changing. I can’t even begin to describe all the revelatory and moving moments his music has given me, and how he can bring so many great works together into a supernatural emotional and philosophical truth. His poetic discourse through music encompassed everything from the sublime to the extremely powerful, to a sense of playfulness. But other than that, this humanity was always there, and you felt that you could look deep within their soul, and get to know the person there through music. But even words cannot begin to do him justice.. With love and immense gratitude – thank you, Radu Lupu.

Cellist Gautier Capucone: I am deeply saddened to say goodbye to Nicholas Angelich yesterday… 51 years old
A friend and companion for so many years,
A poet, so tender and sensitive,
Nicholas leaves us a day after 2 piano legend Radu Lupu this Easter weekend.
Violinist Renaud Capucon: Nicholas,
Like your voice, you were bright and gentle at the same time.
You were an exceptional pianist, a sensitive, loyal, generous friend.
Your brutal departure leaves us a great void.
I will never play the Brahmo note without you being around.

image: Radu Lupu Murray playing Brahma’s 4-hand with Perahiya

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