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Miley Cyrus Tests Positive For COVID-19 But Says “It Was Definitely Worth It”

Miley Cyrus Tests Positive For COVID-19 But Says "It Was Definitely Worth It"

Miley Cyrus She is the latest in an ever-growing list of artists to test positive for COVID-19, although in announcing it, she told fans that contracting the virus was “definitely worth it”.

It is believed Cyrus got COVID-19 during his recent tour of South America – his first in seven years – where he performed at Lollapalooza in Argentina, Chile and Brasil, as well as a headlining arena show in Bogota, Colombia did.

Tweeting about his diagnosis overnight (April 1), Cyrus said he doesn’t regret any trips: “Traveling around the world, playing to 100,000 people a night and hundreds of fans a day Meet, the chances of getting covid are very high. , I have covid now but it was definitely worth it. ,

In a follow-up tweet, Cyrus confirmed that as a result of testing positive for the virus, she has been forced to pull out of her scheduled performance last night (April 3). Jenny’s Fund Competition. Selling out for the fourth year in a row, the Grammy-linked Soiree is a philanthropic effort hosted by Aerosmith front man Steven TylerIt aims to “bring hope and healing to girls facing the trauma of abuse and neglect”.

“Sorry Steven! We have to do ‘Walk This Way’ one more time,” Cyrus wrote, assuring fans that she “feels fine”.

Yesterday also saw the release of Cyrus’ First live album, ‘Attention: Miley Live’, The album features 20 songs from each era of the pop star’s career, including new songs “Attention” and “You”. She made her New Year’s Eve special with Pete Davidson,

The record comes as Cyrus’ first release since her 2020 album, ‘Plastic Heart’, which saw him as a rock-leaning personality. It featured singles ‘midnight sky’, ‘Angels Like You’And this dua lipa-Speciality ‘captive’,

in four star review, NME L. Hunt said that Cyrus’ last studio album “finds the pop-star-turned-rock-star hell to leather — and when Miley Cyrus is in full swing, it’s an absolute blast. Life made art.” Imitated, and she’s become her own Ashley O.

Meanwhile, Cyrus dedicates her set to Lollapalooza, Brazil In memory of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkinswho died last month at the age of 50,

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