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Mike Portnoy Tests Positive for Covid 19: ‘This Sucks’

MIKE PORTNOY tests positive for COVID-19: 'It sucks'

the former dream Theater and current winery dogs drummer mike portnoy has revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The 54-year-old musician, who lives in Pennsylvania, spent his 521,000 . shared his positive diagnosis with instagram Followers on Saturday (April 2). He posted a photo of his positive test and he included the following message: “Yeah…uh! PS – this is my first time ever… found out I was sick in February nmb [NEAL MORSE BAND] tour, it was just a really bad sinus infection…” He added: “Anyway – comments closed to avoid any politic, vaxx, mask, etc BS – no need to add any headaches to this Is”.

Earlier today (Sunday, April 3rd), portnoy returned to him instagram And shared a picture of another positive test. He wrote: “Day 3…it sucks #FuckCovid”.

Back in June 2020, in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, portnoy Blast people refusing to wear masks in public places to protect others from possible infection. At that time, he Twitter To share a video of a woman apparently being asked to put off her mask by a store manager after throwing items from her shopping cart.

“What’s wrong with some people?” portnoy wrote. “All because he must wear a mask in a shop to protect other people… How childish, irresponsible and selfish can people be?? Are they fitting in because they have to wear a seatbelt in the car too?” ?? #Are elder”

portnoy Added in follow-up tweets: “It’s not about you, it’s about others!! How can people like you be so selfish?? It’s so you don’t spread your potentially infected germs to other people who can be vulnerable and at risk!!!

“There are some cases that ‘freedom of choice’ doesn’t apply!! Are you allowed to drive without a seatbelt? Better yet, are you ‘allowed’ to drive while intoxicated??? It’s public safety.” And it’s a matter of being considerate so as not to harm or kill yourself or others! Stop being so selfish”

Last September, during an interview with twisted Sister bassist Mark “The Animal” Mendozainternet show “22 Now”, portnoy Talked about the possibility of getting back on the road while the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging. He added: “Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it. I understand the desire to go out. I Was a tour with Neil Morse Band which was to begin next month. We ended up pulling the plug and pushing it into the next year, simply because we’re seeing all these other rounds coming down and people kicking out COVID, even if they’re vaccinated. One guy gets it, and then the show comes down. you see Kiss just the start of your tour, in two or three shows, and then Paul [Stanley] and they have to sit in a hotel for a week. And then they’re getting ready to go again, then Jean [Simmons] understood. Just the thought of quarantining in a hotel for a week or two, putting everyone, crew and gear and trucks and everything else in places, it’s scary. And I understand the hesitation to go back out. ‘Cause with Neil Morse Band, we just made that call. We had to look at the situation and say, ‘Look, we really want to play. We’re dying to get out there. But is it worth the risk, both in terms of health and financial?’, to be honest, plus … you put everyone in hotels for a week, you have to [pay for] Crew and trucks and gear… and you’re missing the guarantee of the show; You are losing all that income…

“I know we want to play, but we also have to be safe,” he explained. “It’s a tough call … it’s sad for us to cancel morse off toured, but we said to each other, ‘Look, first of all, if we have to cancel some shows and sit in hotel rooms, are we personally prepared to be financially liable for it?’ And everyone was like, ‘Okay, no. Not necessary.’ No one wants to be caught holding a bag. So we said if there’s a single bandmember who’s uncomfortable being out there and doing it; We will not make anyone do something they are not comfortable doing. So while it was unanimous, we said if there’s no one person willing to go back out there and take those risks, just wait.”

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