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Michael Schenker Says Keke Downing Imitated Judas Priest’s Look in His Early Days: ‘It Was Incredible’

Michael Schenker Says Keke Downing Copied His Look on Judas Priest's Early Days: 'It Was Incredible'

Michael SchenkerGerman guitar virtuoso who made his recorded debut at age 16 Scorpion, “lonely crow” album and rose to fame as the guitarist of the English hard rock band UFOspoke to canada metal voice About how he was able to influence an entire generation of guitar players who defined the heavy metal of the 1980s. when the interviewer Jimmy Kayu brought to the fore the fact that many members of iron Maiden publicly acknowledged that the inspiration he drew from his early recordings, shenkar Answered (as written by) BLABBERMOUTH.NET🙂 “Yes, it’s all true. [MAIDEN bassist] Steve Harris is a complete Pete Way [late UFO bassist] fan. He also dresses like her. so does KK Downing from Judas Priest, [he] clothes like me i went to whiskey [A Go Go in West Hollywood, California] when I was 18 years old, when I was on my first US tour, and there was Judas Priest play. And me and my girlfriend, we wanted to see, because we had heard about it. and there was KK Downingguitarist from Judas Priesthaving my permit and playing a flying v [guitar] In almost the same outfit. I mean, I saw my girlfriend; He looked at me. it was like deja [vu], It was, like, ‘What is this?’ It was me again. I could not believe it; It was unbelievable.”

Later Kayu noted that it is “amazing” how “everybody” [was] Copy” shenkarLook and his guitar is playing, Michael Said: “Yeah, at least he was in the 80s. That’s how it happens. They either imitated me or Eddie Van HelenaOr they mimicked each other in the ’80s scene just to be part of a trend.”

In recent years, shenkar repeatedly accused his brother, Scorpion guitar player Rudolf Schenkerof “completely distorted” Michaelof “personality by using the Flying V itself as a symbol.” Sometimes rudolph will come to me and proudly report who patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hey, MichaelHow are you doing?’ slash And Joe Perryfor example,” Michael Told Guitar World In a 2020 interview. “He managed to distort the image of hell for years when I wasn’t looking shenkar Brothers People now have no clue who is who. It’s incredible how he managed to distort the whole thing. rudolph deal with gibson For black and white guitar. He asked me if I mind if he sports a black-and-white Flying V. I asked myself why he wanted to be me, but I just said, ‘Go ahead.’ Then he took it this far in an attempt to make the black-and-white image his own. He doesn’t know who he is. Then he had the cheek to deal gibson Flying V for a signature.”

Last year, of english Told sound perspective That inspired him to play the Flying V guitar at an early age. “It stems from when I was a kid,” he said. “I saw a Flying V in the store and I couldn’t buy it. And I used to see it. I was that Oliver Twist child type [I] I didn’t have the money, but somehow I knew this guitar was the thing I wanted to do. And now, apparently, Flying V is synonymous with metal and heavy rock. There was never a question for me.”

few years ago, shenkar Told classic rock Magazine that he doesn’t listen to other people’s music. “I do what I love,” he said. “I could never have a conversation about guitar, because I don’t know technical terms. I can’t even hold a conversation about music, because I don’t communicate at that level. I just play.

“I know that every person is unique, so there is a lot inside each person that no one knows,” he continued. “If you decide to share some of them, you’re adding something to the world that wasn’t there before. That’s what I did with music. From the very beginning, when I was 17. I stopped listening to music. Done, I stopped copying people. I just added new colors. No music. No radio. Nothing. It’s pure self-expression.”

“universal”new studio album from shenkar‘s Michael Schenker GroupWill be released on May 27 via nuclear fire record,

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