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Max Cavalera names the song Sepultura the same as Pantera song

Max Cavalera names the song Sepultura the same as Pantera song
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the former Sepultura front man Max cavalera did a new interview with revolver magazine, Having achieved great success with Sepulturawhich he founded with his younger brother igor cavallera at a young age, Max He was asked about his favorite songs he made with the band. According to him, the band’s classic song Inner Self seems to be similar to a giant-known Pantera sing, to walk,

Max cavalerawho is currently in the band soulfly, cavalera conspiracy, And killer Happen killedstarted his music career. done with Sepultura, which he founded with his brother. He appeared on twelve albums, six of which were studio albums, until leaving the band in 1996. Max increased his fame with Sepultura,

On the other hand, after Max cavalera Left Sepultura Due to problems with their bandmates, the brothers reunited with the album twelve years later. inflected in cavalera conspiracy, The album, which received a positive response from the metal community, includes 11 tracks and over 43-minute listening time.

still, Max cavalera was asked in his recent interview with revolver magazine Which one? Sepultura He likes the song the most. Max Said it wasinner SelfFrom the band’s third studio album, under the remains, Then he revealed a fact about Sepulturasimilarity with Pantera,

“I guess I have to mention two for myself that do the same kind of thing,” he says. “is one of them ‘conscience, He is on the ‘beneath the remains’. This is such an important song for us because it was our first video ever.

“It was all homemade, a lot of really goofy things like having a friend of our skateboard above us, running around with butts in the street drinking pure alcohol. Those scenes are all in this video, but it was cool, It felt like a real band. We’re making a video of, ‘Oh my god, this is crazy!’ And the song itself, I love it, I love the pace, I love the groove of it.”

Max technically compares ‘Inner Self’ to Pantera’s Walk

When asked which Sepultura song is best for him, Max Mentioned two songs and compared the first, inner Selfto classic Pantera Try, to walk, Describing the riff as simple and childish, Max Said that the songs contain the feelings of his own youth. He showed his appreciation for Pantera in that way.

“The riff is so simple, it’s almost childish,” he continued. “It’s kind of Pantera,to walk, It is the groove that grabs you immediately. ,

“And the lyrics, I’ve always loved lyrics, it’s almost like a page from a diary, I’ve never had a diary in my life, but if I had a diary, it could be on the diary page, ‘These dirty streets But I hate to walk, I will not follow the rules while feeling the world’s contempt.’ That diary is bullshit, that’s what I was feeling at the time, in San Paolo, Brazil. That’s Max cavalera Emotion, my teenage spirit of the time.

stating that his second favorite song is get up, Max cavalera Admitted that this song is the last Death Trash song ever and it has everything.

“The other is”rise,“She continues.”‘get up‘ It’s just a blast. for me, it’s last death-thrash song ever made, and I’m sorry, that may have offended some people out there, but come on! Listen to this fucking song! has it all! [laughs] It’s just a fucking rage we say in business. ,

last September, Max cavalera Said in an interview with WXAV 88.3 FM that it was untrue that with their latest album Sepultura, RootWas Praised by Dave Grohl and Lemmy Kilmister,

“‘Roots’ record, which was heavily influenced by [by] Tribal music – the mix of tribal music and metal was a new thing, and when we did it we went into completely unknown territory, and the results were amazing,” cavalera it is said.

“And we received praise by people like Motörhead’s Dave Grohl and Lemmy, which was unreal for me to hear — my idols admire some of my stuff. It was great.”

“If you do it with passion – you have to have passion for what you are doing – and sometimes you have to go into these unknown territories and see what happens,” he continued.

“And don’t be afraid of it, don’t be afraid – just go for it.

“And sometimes you’ll fail, and sometimes you won’t–sometimes it’ll be great. And sometimes it’s controversial. And that’s okay. It’s not for everyone.”

“Some people like ‘Roots’; Some people hate ‘Roots’. Some people just like old things. Some people want me to play the way I did when I was 15. I can’t do this all the time.

“I try to bring some of that into some of the stuff I do, but I just can’t be that much. There’s so much more to life than that.”

“That’s what I think people don’t understand. Music is such a huge landscape. We can do so much with it. It’s endless.

“That’s the cool thing. With it you can explore a lot more and do different things. Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again?”

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