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Madonna and Saucy Santana Drop ‘Stuff Gworrllllllll!’ Collaboration – Billboard

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Madonna has teamed up with internet sensation Saucy Santana for a stellar remix of her 2020 viral smash “Material Girl,” which the pair energetically called “Material Gworllll!” Named. Madonna on the cymbal-crashing beat and upbeat keyboard line opened the dropped track on Friday (August 5), rapping, “I ain’t fancy, I just like fancy s-t / Make a budget disappear like a magic trick / Make him buy me everything, I don’t have to choose / Only negotiate when the bag is thick” before the track’s sing-song chorus arrives.

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“A Material Girl isn’t tasteless / A Material Girl is my favorite / I’m a Material Girl, so don’t waste it / If you ain’t a Material Girl you’re basic,” she super-hyped Santana’s part to crash. Sings before with an appropriately touching poem. “Collect all the accounts, baby, keep the cash flowin’ / Bust down the wrists but keep the bussdown’ ’em goin’ / 42 on my lips, take a sip / I like my n – as laid, Don’t come here chips / How much are you paying? / I don’t speak the language of broken boys,” Santana rhymes to the rhythm of the handclap as he ticks a high-fashion wish list of big-ticket items .

It’s a long-awaited studio summit between the two, who first joined forces during New York Pride in June, when the original Material Girl joined Santana in Terminal 5 for a live mash-up of the saucy hit. And the 1984 Madonna wanted-it-all classic of the same title.

Madonna has left this year before releasing a series of remixes of her 1998 Billboard Hot 100 No. 2 hit “Frozen”. finally enough love Club mixes compilation on June 24; an extended version, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number One HitsExpire on 19th August.

Madonna and Saucy Santana’s “Material Gourdall!” Listen to Below

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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