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Lizzo celebrates trending with Beyoncé on Twitter – Billboard

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1 song, earning a few Emmy nominations and releasing her fourth studio album Specific Less than a month later, Lizzo is now celebrating a new victory in her latest winning streak: trending on Twitter alongside her musical hero, Beyoncé.

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However, some fans are a bit confused by the “About Damn Time” singer’s enthusiasm, given the controversial reason that the names of the two stars are being discussed together on stage.

In a Tuesday (August 2) Instagram post, Lizzo shared a screenshot from Twitter, proving that the phrase “Beyoncé and Lizzo” was trending in the platform’s “pop” category. In the caption, she wrote, ‘I will delete later.. but this is a flex witch. “12 Years I’m Shocked – Houston GRRRLS Receives Best Albums From RN! Stream #Special Stream #RENNISSANCE.”

For good measure, the Yeti founder uploaded an old photo of himself as well as a slow-motion video of him holding his Critics’ Choice award on a shelf full of other trophies—including his three Grammys.

Lizzo is right that she and Bey both released two of the year’s most talked-about albums this summer, together Specific mid-July is coming and Beyoncé left her much-awaited Renaissance 29 July. But clicking on the same trending phrase posted by Lizzo reveals that the two hitmakers are actually trending together for an entirely different reason: using the word “spaz” from the song on their new record. and delete retroactively.

“Listen, love you girl but you all are trending to use slurs,” commented one person on Lizzo’s celebratory post.

“You’re all trending because Beyoncé didn’t learn from your mistake,” wrote another.

The controversy started when Lizzo first released her song “Grrls” about a month ago. Specific. fans were quick to criticize Watch out for Big Girls Producers for using “Spaz” in the song, and Lizzo consequently issued a statement saying that she would re-release the song without words.

History repeated itself a few weeks later, when the audience saw that Renaissance The same wording was contained on the track “Heated”. Just days after the album was dropped, Bey’s rep revealed Board that word will be removed.

It’s unclear whether Lizzo is fully aware of the reason she and her idol were engaged on Twitter, but several other fans congratulated the “Truth Hurts” singer regardless in the comments of her new post.

“PERIODDDDDDD IS NOT MY GIRL LIZZO IS TRENDING WITH MY GIRL!!!” One fan wrote, while another commented, “Houston stand-up!!”

Check out Lizzo’s post below:

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from www.billboard.com

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