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A week after dropping his debut album portals (Warner Music Latina/Grand Move Records), Tiago PZK is preparing for two back-to-back, sold-out concerts at the Movistar Arena in Argentina. “After revealing it for so long, this is the show of my dreams,” he added Board During an Instagram Live on Thursday (July 28). “It’s an incredible show and I’m very proud of myself.”

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During his tour, which included 35 dates in more than 10 countries, Tiago would perform songs from his Freshman studio album, which took him nearly two years to produce.

they named it Portal, Or Portal, because of how experimental the 15-track set is. “I wanted to break out of the artist’s dove of ‘You’re a reggaetonero,’ ‘You’re a trap artist,’ and break out of that a little bit,” he explains. “I wanted to do what I loved, and that’s why the album is so diverse and each song is a new portal.”

On set, the Argentine singer-songwriter ranges from catchy reggaeton (“Salimo de Noche”), head-to-head punk rock (“Noche de Soledad”), soulful R&B (“Entre Nosotros”) and even That Brazilians navigate up to the funk. Electra”), to name a few.

“It was challenging, but that’s the best part of doing an experimental album,” he says. “I wanted to play something I’ve never done before. Each genre has its own essence and style.”

The focus single “Sex and Love,” in collaboration with Jamaican producer RVSSIAN, is proof. “It was difficult at first because I did not know English. I felt pressure because I was meeting him for the first time and I am shy,” he noted. “Nobody in the studio spoke Spanish, but he was a really nice guy in the end. It’s one of my favorite songs of my career and I chose it as the focus track because I thought it was a hit.”

What he hopes to achieve with his career and new album, he wants to inspire dreamers like himself.

“I will always pursue those dreamers who have no motivation or opportunity,” he said. “They have to encourage themselves and do a lot of work for themselves because they are the ones who own their future.”

hear portals And watch the full IG Live with Billboard Latin below:

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