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Lil Nas X claps at the Conservatives’ attack on the Grammys – Billboard

Lil Nas X

On Monday, conservative television host Greg Kelly raised issue with lil nass xfrom the medley 2022 Grammy AwardsCalling the singer/rapper a “little idiot with zero talent” on Twitter.

“Lil Nas has a big problem (and so does America),” Kelly tweeted alongside a photo of the artist performing in a beaded crop top.

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Lil Nas X, who was nominated for five awards on Sunday’s show, replied, “Damn I wore a crop top this time,” followed by two crying emojis.

Kelly followed bitterly with a retweet, declaring that the “bottom line” is “no public self groping”, to which the “Call Me By Your Name” singer responded with an apology.

Responding to Nas’ apology, Kelly softened her tone and said:

Kelly’s host Greg Kelly reports On Newsmax TV, a conservative news channel. The picture she posted at the beginning of Lil Nas X was from her performance of “Industry Baby” jack harlow At the Grammys. The song earned him a nomination for Best Mellow Rap Performance. In addition, he was also nominated for Album of the Year Monteroand Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Music Video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”.

The 22-year-old singer took to Instagram to express her disappointment at going 0-for-5 on Sunday night. In one video, he sings: “I don’t win any Grammys that hurt my feelings, that sh-fina made me cry. Zero out of five, the number of Grammys I won. That sh- made me cry, that Sh- made me cry.”

Lil Nas X fans have taken to Twitter to poke fun at her homosexuality and point out her apparent self-contradiction. In response to the comments, he shared a photo of himself in a Revolution-era outfit, drawing attention to his “state” posture:

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