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Latin Artists on the Rise: Meet Quevedo – Billboard

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Quevedo perfectly remembers when he first did freestyle. The Spanish artist was 14 years old and was on his way to soccer practice with his friend Adrian when the two suddenly got into a fight. “After that the first one, Adrian, [my other friend] Morallo and I would walk back home from practice together – because we all lived in the same neighborhood – and Adri and I would compete and Moralo would be the judge.

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It was around this time that the now 20-year-old urban artist became inspired by an interest in freestyle and rap by the artists he was listening to at the time, such as Delaosa y Suit M. On the island of Gran Canaria, where he grew up, he explains that there were a significant number of people doing freestyling, with the support of a local organization called HH Canarias, which organized events and battles, but Quevedo never participated. Not Taken. “There was a scene but I was never a part of it. I didn’t fight with them or sign up for competitions,” he adds. “I loved doing freestyle with people I knew.”

Over the past two years, he has been releasing music including the first track that made him look for local artist such as “Cayo la Noche,” “No Me Digas Nada” and “Universiteria.” But it was his freestyle-based sessions with Argentine producer Bizarp that propelled him to global success.

Club-ready “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52,” released earlier this month, is currently number 1 on both the Billboard Global 200 Billboard Global Excel. The US, according to Luminate, with 88.3 million streams — a week-over-week increase of 38%. Additionally, the track is only the second entirely Spanish-language song to top the Global 200 in the chart’s two-year history, after Bad Bunny and Jha Cortez’s “Dakiti” in 2020.

“My music is now heard all over the world and it is something that is honestly just unbelievable,” says Quevedo, who says it was Bizarp who reached out to him via Instagram. “He told me he liked what I was doing and was hoping we could do music together. The timing was right because I was actually in Argentina recording ‘Si Quirene Frontiere’ with Duquee So we decided to do the session then.”

The recording session was “super normal,” he says. “What is not normal is what has happened since the release of the song. It seemed like a normal day in the studio, nothing different from the ordinary. We recorded the song and then we just spent the day laughing and watching videos on YouTube.

On YouTube, “Vol. 52” has been viewed nearly 100 million times and on Spotify, it peaked at number 1 on its Global Top 50 chart, for which Quevedo was named Spotify’s Global Radar Artist of the Year. Highlights the global acts that have taken place. “I am so happy with all the support from the beginning, whatever is happening with the song. But I’m not obsessed with achievements, I just want to enjoy the moment.”

Why did his session with Bizarp explode? Quevedo feels that there are several factors that contributed to making it a No. 1 global song: “First of all, whatever Bizarre touches turns gold. In addition, the song is perfect for summers and festivals, and People can sing and dance with it. Also, I am a new artist, so I guess people are curious about what I am doing.”

Learn more about this month Board Latin artists on the rise below:

Name: Pedro Dominguez Quevedo

age: 20

Major achievement: “My biggest achievement by far is being able to live off my own music.”

Recommended Songs: “‘Respuesta Cerro’ I think is the song that can best define me, because it captures everything that I can. I have a few songs that are more reggaeton-leaning songs.” Saath Hai which is not that deep. But I also have other songs where I talk about my feelings. ‘Respuesta Cerro’ is a mixture of both.”

What will happen next: “Right now, I’m working on what I hope will be my first album, although it’s not something I’m too worried about. I enjoy making new music and, of course, I’ll be working throughout the year.” Will keep releasing more.”

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