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Lady Gaga is praised for helping SZA with her outfit after defeating her at the Grammys

Gaga also paid an emotional tribute to Tony Bennett at the ceremony as she was forced to duet without him due to her “continuing struggle with Alzheimer’s”.

One of which was the sweet presence of Lady Gaga on stage With 76-year-old Liza Minnelli As they announced this year’s Best Picture winner.

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gaga was Praised To help the Hollywood giant, who has stepped back from the spotlight in recent years, without “Protection” or “awkward,

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During her rare public appearance, Liza was using a wheelchair, and at times it seemed she was unsure of what to do.

It is like a lesson in how to facilitate older people by giving them respect for who they are. What a class act by @ladygaga with legend Liza Minnelli. The respectful whispers of “I gotcha” “I know” picked up by Mike make it particularly touching.

Twitter: @NaomiOhReally

But Gaga literally held his hand during her segment, while allowing Liza to have her moment in the spotlight.

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When Liza fumbles with her notes and says “I don’t understand,” Gaga reassures her after handling it, before gesturing comfortably when it’s time for Liza to speak.

Immediately before the announcement of the candidates, a swet private exchange The two stars were picked up by their microphones as Gaga leaned into Lisa and whispered “I got you,” to which Liza replied: “I know, thanks.”

The best part of #Oscars2022 was listening to #Ladygaga tell #LizaMinnelli, “I got you.” And Liza replied, “I know.” This is love. Two queens!👸🏼👸🏻 Love wins!❤️

Twitter: @TheRealMelissaE

the spectators were in awe About Gaga’s subtle way of supporting Liza during the incredibly overwhelming experience, and she also praised that the pop star was able to help the segment go smoothly and without humiliation.

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One person tweeted at the time: “How Lady Gaga was able to navigate the situation to keep the show moving and protect Liza’s dignity and shows how good she has a heart.”

@Starr_Rocque Very sweet. How Lady Gaga was able to navigate the situation to advance the show and protect Liza’s dignity shows how good she has a heart.

Twitter: @World_Of_Hurt

And just over a week later, Gaga’s kindred spirit strikes once again when she was seen taking to the floor to help SZA with her dress as she made her way on stage to accept the Grammys on Sunday night. had made

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Despite SZA and Doja Cat defeating Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award, Gaga showed no hard feelings and was eager to make sure her opponent looked nothing less than perfect on stage .

Twitter: @GagaMediaDotNet

SZA, who was using crutches, was wearing a stunning dress with a long tulle train that got tangled as she made her way to the stage. Considering the issue as she was applauding the two women’s victory for her song “Kiss Me More,” Gaga didn’t hesitate as she leaned into her pretty gown and fixed the problem.

Gaga picked up the train and slowly carried it until SZA came close to the stage, where she gently let go of the cloth and fixed it so that it would fall correctly.

Viewers who noticed the sweet gesture began to praise Gaga for being so kind and considerate to SZA.

One wrote, “What do you say, but Gaga was so sweet as the only one helping Sza.” Another added: “Lady Gaga was a lively one on SZA’s train of dresses. It’s nice to see women looking out for women.”

Twitter: @swiftsbeatles

“Between Lady Gaga’s compassion for Liza Minnelli at the Oscars, her Grammy tribute to Tony Bennett and then helping SZA with her dress on stage (in crutches), how can we not respect her kindness more? ?” someone else asked.

Between Lady Gaga’s compassion for Liza Minnelli at the Oscars, her Grammy tribute to Tony Bennett and then helping SZA with her dress on stage (in crutches), how can we not respect her kindness more?

Twitter: @MChaseRadio

Another tweeted: “Lady Gaga helping Sza on stage, women supporting women.” Another said: “Doja and SZA were getting up together while Gaga helped SZA dress up. I mean: the women are really flourishing and supporting each other.”

Twitter: @ilygoldwing

Doja and SZA got up together so great together while Gaga helped SZA dress. I mean: the women are really thriving and supporting each other. #grammy

Twitter: @gjkooijman

But believe it or not, it wasn’t even the category’s only attention-grabbing moment, when SZA collaborator Doja Cat juggled giggles as she ran across the stage to accept the award, adjusting her crotch.

Doja laughed and explained that she was in the bathroom just before her victory was announced, joking that she had “never had such a strong pee” in her life.

Although she didn’t win a Grammy for her duet with Tony Bennett’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” Gaga performed two of her songs during yesterday’s ceremony.

Rich Fury / Getty Images for Recording Academy

Unfortunately, Tony was unable to attend the performance “due to his continuing struggle with Alzheimer’s”. He did, however, introduce Gaga with a pre-recorded message, and she’ll surely pay a soulful tribute to her friend in response.

Twitter: @ladygaganownet

Gaga performed “Do I Love You” and “Love for Sale” from her and Tony’s jazz LP, and while she was watching footage of her and Tony performing together, that was displayed on the screen behind her. , then she appeared suffocating.

After skillfully hitting the final note, she burst into tears, waving at the camera and said, “We love you, Tony. We miss you.”

Twitter: @ChicksInTheOff

Tony retired from performing in 2021, and his son Danny Bennett previously confirmed that his father had been invited to perform at the Grammys this year, but would not be able to attend.

ln. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for

“Although producers invited both Tony and Gaga to perform at Sunday’s Grammy broadcast, it is unfortunate that due to his continuing struggle with Alzheimer’s, he was unable to accept,” he told fans at the time. “It was decided that it would be appropriate for Lady Gaga to represent the two of them and perform on her own.”

James Deveney / GC Images

Gaga and Toni took home the award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, making Toni, 95, one of the oldest Grammy winners in history, second only to Pintop Perkins, who won Best Traditional Blues in 2011 at age 97. The album won a Grammy. ,

Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

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