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John Lennon’s scathing 1971 letter to Paul McCartney is up for auction – Billboard

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a letter capturing the tension between John Lennon And Paul mccartney after the break the Beatles Is for auction.

1971 Typed Letter With additional handwritten comments were written by Lennon in response to an interview with McCartney. melody makerWhere the latter shared his thoughts on John and Yoko, the dissolution of the Beatles’ business partnership and more.

Lennon addresses the letter sarcastically, “Dear Paul, Linda et al. We McCartney,” before delving into his furious response. “We pay you for your bits of Apple,” he wrote of their business relationship. “We pay you more money as royalties, which legally belong to Apple. (I know we are Apple, but on the other hand, we are not.)”

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The late artist defended her favorite hit of all time, “Imagine”, writing, “So you think ‘Imagine’ isn’t political, it’s ‘working class here’ sugar on it for conservatives like you! ! You clearly didn’t dig up the words. Imagine!”

The letter also contains excavations at McCartney’s expense in addition to protecting Lennon’s relationship with Yoko Ono. “Want to put your picture on the label like Uncool John and Yoko, right? (You have no shame). If we’re not cool, what makes you feel like you,” he said of his love for Yoko. Later wrote, “I thought you would have understood by now, that I am Johnandyoko.”

“No hard feelings for you either. I know that’s basically what we want, and as I said on the phone and in this letter, whenever you want to meet, all you have to do is call,” the letter ends.

must be rock and rollThe auction house, which offered the letter, is accepting bids till August 19. The highest bid is currently set at $22,000.

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from www.billboard.com

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