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Ivy Queen, Paulo Londra and more – Billboard

First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos, recommended by billboard latin See editors of this week’s picks below.

Ivy Queen, “Queen Dijo” (NKS Music LLC)

Ivy Queen’s entry into bachata is a stylized, bachata beat softened with synths and strings. It creates an intriguing combination—edge, and sweetness—as the reggaeton queen displays her vocal chops to punish a man who doesn’t value her love. One would have expected Ivy to rap to a bachata beat, but by choosing to go the opposite direction, she is once again showcasing her iconic musical spirit. , Leela Kobo

Paulo Londra, “Julieta” (Warner Music Latina / Paulo Londra)

Argentine hitmaker Paulo Londra has blessed fans with “Julieta” powered by a hypnotic reggaeton beat. The track marks Londra’s return to reggaeton roots after dabbling in pop and punk rock. “Julieta”, produced by Sky Rompiendo and Federico Windvar (Landra’s well-known producer), joins Londra’s streak of singles, which she has released since her return three years later. In the song, Londra tells the story of a patient who is admitted to a mental ward after not being able to recover from his ex, named Julieta. The single comes with a music video inspired by the horror film of the ’80s. Check it out below. , Griselda Floors

Ryan Castro, reggaetonia (Ryan Castro/Sony Music Colombia)

After discovering his love for music 14 years ago, Ryan Castro finally released his first EP . made alive Regatonia. The Colombian rapper, who started singing on local buses in Medellin, has made his international leap thanks to hits such as “Muzérigo”, which entered both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Exclusive. US charts this year. But further cementing his artistry, he delivers six other tracks on set, including the Farina-assisted “Prande y Apaga,” “Nina de Miss Suenos” with his compatriot Blessed, and the single “Amor de una noche”. let’s focus on colombian injections with all pereo and cleverness. on other associates reggaetonia Contains Justin Quills and Ovi. Producers include Simon Dice, SOG, Gangsta and Flava. Stream it above. , jessica roise

Nicky Jam, “Sin Novia” (Sony Music Latin)

Nicky Jam is addressing his love life in the new, playful track “Sin Novia,” a funny story about a former couple who enjoy the single life more than the actual relationship. Written by Niki with Juan Diego Medina, Jorge Alberto Arrazo, Luis A. O’Neill and Andrés Jael Correa and produced by Jorge Milliano, the track is a Caribbean-infused reggaeton, composed for the summer. In the music video directed by Willie Rodriguez, the Puerto Rican artist reels his real-life ex-girlfriend and model, Genesis Alesca, to better demonstrate that the two ex are better as friends. , Ingrid Fajardo

Tokischa x Eladio Carrion, “Hola” (Paulus Music/Sony Music Latin)

The story of a man trying to get his girl back is the first collaborative effort between Tokischa and Eladio Carrion. In “Hola”, written by both artists and produced by Chromo X and Forentech, Toki steps away from his signature, unattainable Dembo sound and taps into hip-hop, showcasing his rap verses. “It’s calling me again / I’m high on drugs, alcohol and weed / Even though I can’t remember yesterday,” chants Eladio in the chorus, to which Toki responds with, “You’re good without me Don’t feel and I can tell / I won’t go back with you, what doesn’t work is thrown away / You call me only when you’re high.” In the gritty music video filmed by Remi Paulus in Toki’s hometown in the Dominican Republic, we see both actors deal with their heartbreak in their own ways. , JR

Ivon Galaz, “De aso se trata” (Rancho Humilde)

Rancho Humilde’s only female sign, Ivonne Galaz, has released a hard and poignant accompaniment – driven by acoustic guitar and an accordion – titled “De aso se trata”. The emerging regional Mexican artist collaborated with veteran singer-songwriter Erica Vidario to pen the track’s blunt lyrics. “They don’t know my life, but they criticize it,” sings Galaz. “Live your life and let me live mine. This is my freedom, no one can take it away. , gf

Rails B, “Como Dormiste?” (flac team)

More than just a new single, Rails B is announcing his relationship with Lali Esposito. “Como Dormiste?” The Spanish rapper details the beauty of exchanging energy with someone, and describes his passionate chemistry with the Argentine artist. “I want to make love and then ask you, How did you sleep? / Did you dream of me? / I want to know if you woke up with more desire,” he said in the song, less than two minutes apart. chanting mantras. In the erotic R&B track, he also sampled Jovel y Randy and the Archangel’s 2006 hit “Agrecivo”. The homemade music video, filmed vertically with a cellphone, captures the new Latin power couple enjoying each other’s company. , JR

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