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Grammys 2022 Best-Dressed: Lil Nas X, Billy Porter and More

Grammys 2022 Best-Dressed: Lil Nas X, Billy Porter and More

Ah, Las Vegas: It provides inspiration in many ways. It seemed so, anyway, judging from Grammy The red carpet, recently located at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in downtown… God, so many things! Sin and Lights and Camp and Elvis.

And as with the site, so too with the clothes. If there was any theme for the night, it was an overbearing attitude that wasn’t a bad reminder of why red carpets are fun in the first place. They are as much for the beholder as the wearer.

Megan Thee was the stallion, channeling a full big cat circle in her one-shoulder, slit-to-the-waist Roberto Cavalli. St. Vincent, modeling “Showgirls,” the X Games edition, in ruffle-trimmed Gucci with huge wide sleeves and skirt. Michelle Zuner, of Japanese breakfast, looks like a fabulous daffodil in tiny fringed yellow Valentinos. And Billie Eilish, going all-gothic conceptualist in a black Rick Owens coat, migrated to his torso, thus flipping everyone’s perspective over the edge. Who couldn’t relate?

Even the relatively cool Louis Vuitton suiting of BTS (think tones of clay, sand, white, and teal) was punctuated by V’s overblown corsage, like a full bouquet of paper flowers herself to the side of her jacket. was attached to.

Shocking pink was the color of the night, worn by Billy Porter in a ruffled Valentino shirtdress, cape, opera gloves and trousers; Saweetie, in a Valentino bra, more gloves and ginormous skirt (the brand actually had its own patent name for pink: pink pp, after its designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli); Travis Barker, in a shocking pink coat over a black Givenchy suit; and Angelique Kidjo, in a fabulous ruffled fuchsia.

Also Justin Bieber, who accessorised his oversized Balenciaga suit and steel-tipped Balenciaga crocs with a bright pink beanie. (Crocs also made an appearance on Questlove’s legs. Dressing comfortably unfolded!)

Speaking of Saviti, Pink was only the first of three — Count ‘Em — to wear the dress she wore during the night, swapping it for a black Oscar de la Renta gown that flaunted a silver-covered breast, like this one. Amazon was going to prom, and then trading for a shimmering, backless gold etro number.

Still, when it came to bling, there was Lil Nas X shining like rhinestones on one of Elvis’ jumpsuits. It looked as though he was channeling a sci-fi warrior fairy into a pearl-encrusted Balmain with butterfly detailing before changing to shiny Zorro Black to begin his performance, which is in turn a pearl bolero and then gold. A marching band with a ponytail was shed for the jacket. , For Givone, her Chanel black bouffant “denim” jacket and jeans shone like the night sky over the desert. Chanel Men’s Clothing! Why not?

Then there was John Batiste, who stepped out in a silver, gold, and black harlequin sequin suit in honor of his hometown of New Orleans. Designed by Dolce & Gabbana, the formerly canceled brand Whose history of politically misogynistic behavior seems to be behind it, at least as far as celebrities are concerned, the suit was only overshadowed by a diamante-bedecked cape, part royal, part priest, she took off the album Worn to accept his award for the Year. ,

Her only real competition in the Sparkle Stakes was Brandi Carlyle, in the rainbow-beaded boss tuxedo she told E! Host Laverne Cox weighed about “40 pounds” (anything for fashion), and she said that both made her feel “like a boss” and was a tribute to the king of the luxurious outfit, Elton John.

Actually, there was a chain of old memories going on overnight. HER wore an egg yolk-yellow Dundas jumpsuit with caped sleeves and phoenix embroidery that was a direct reference to Aretha Franklin’s 1976 American Music Awards get-up. Leon Bridges, in white with gold embroidery, had a touch of Presley about it. Lady Gaga served up a midcentury silver screen siren in black Armani privy complete with a swag of white satin, before slipping into a tiny blue Elie Saab satin number to do her Golden Oldies medley with a giant bow, a gift— Jean Harlow like wrapped.

Olivia Rodrigo paired her corseted Vivienne Westwood look with a signature ’90s choker. And Dua Lipa channeled Donatella Versace in long blond hair and a bondage gown from the 1992 Versace “Miss S&M” collection. (Ms. Versace herself made an appearance in an award-presentation skit that was probably the last in product placement.)

Still, the Versace gown wasn’t the only vintage on the carpet. SZA wore a nude tulle Jean Paul Gaultier design from 2006, featuring a garden flowerbed in the front, and Laverne Cox modeled a lacy black John Galliano number from 2007. It was as close as anyone could get a price indication through the dress.

Yet in the end, amidst all the fun and frivolity, the one garment that stood out the most was perhaps the least elaborate, least formal: the T-shirt worn by Billie Eilish for her performance. Featuring Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer who died in late March, it was a fashion statement of the most emotional, effective kind.

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