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Grammy Parties: BTS In Silk Sonic, Olivia Rodrigo Shut Out Of Spotify

Grammy Parties: BTS In Silk Sonic, Olivia Rodrigo Shut Out Of Spotify

Grammy Touched up in Las Vegas for the weekend of events leading up to the main event on Sunday. While normally, Grammy week stretches over five days and dozens of tasks, the abridged version felt like a much more manageable agenda — and the awards show, out of practice after two years of lockdown, are thankful for Were.

At the same time, a return to normalcy meant a lot of music industry chatter as artists and executives mingled enthusiastically across the strip.

At you Kanye? The question on the minds of many attendees was whether or not he would show up when it came to Kanye West. Refused to demonstrate in public, sources told Diversity That the producer-rapper-mogul – who is up for multiple Grammys, including Album of the Year – was still allowed to attend the ceremony and the red carpet. But as April 3 drew to a close, and on the heels of the Oscars’ Will Smith-Chris Rock flap and rumors that West might be staging a competitive livestream at the same time as the Grammys, the Recording Academy gave West the stage. The conversation resumed to move on. Ultimately, though, West decided to opt out of the Grammys altogether. As of Sunday morning, he had no plans to attend.

ripple effect Sources say the cancellation of a planned Kanye West performance last month at the Grammys caused problems in the black music community, as it essentially forced the cast to pick a side: a wildly unexpected yet hugely popular and dark Between an influential artist and a recording academy. Despite their recent efforts to change that history, artists of color have a history of swindling. Presumably, this was a contributing factor in the relatively small representation of hip-hop artists on the show.

Spotify day in the sun: Streaming giant Spotify traditionally puts a Best New Artist performance ahead of the Grammys, but with 10 artists in contention, a performance by each, as in previous years, was not an option. Instead, the company closed a portion of the Encore Beach Club to its industry guests, aligning with the David Guetta set scheduled for that afternoon. But Guetta did not appear, as the DJ was delaying his departure to Vegas. Instead, the Bizzers strung a velvet rope away from Amped Up’s day-club debauchery on Saturday. It was a strange sight, many commented, and unlike Spotify had to share in party space for one of their tent events.

Country star Jimmy Allen was in attendance, as was Glass Animals, for the nominated cast. Olivia Rodrigo He was not allowed to participate because of his age. It was strictly 21 and over for sunbathers.

almost FamousAt the Entertainment Law Initiative ceremony honoring veteran music attorney and Fullstop management exec Susan Jenko, Cameron Crowe, “Almost Famous” writer/director Cameron Crowe gave an elaborate and wildly entertaining speech, detailing his career as a teen rock writer. Wonderful years were remembered in which lead was covered. Zeppelin, David Bowie and more. He accomplished this by remembering that after he won the Oscar for the film, his mother, who had long begged him to become a lawyer, said, “Now that you’ve won the Oscar, there’s still time.” It’s for law school!”

next: Insiders say Lizzo’s upcoming album, due to spring, is “amazing.”

is that a baby I heard? Jazz great Kamasi Washington brought his family to the Black Music Collective event—including his young daughter in a stroller, who heard his voice in comical moments during the ceremony.

Leave the phone unlocked? silk sonicThe MGM Park Hotel was the place to be on Saturday nights, as Atlantic Records hosted several VIPs, including members of John Legend and the band. btsAs well as Warner Music Group CEO, Recorded Music Max Lusada, Atlantic’s Chairman and COO Julie Greenwald, Warner Chapel’s Co-President and CEO Guy Moot and Co-President and COO Caryn Marshall and Warner Records Co-President and CEO Aaron Bay. – Shook, among others. At the request of Bruno Mars and Anderson Pak, everyone present had to submit to lock their phones. “We dance for real,” read a sign at the entrance explaining the policy.

In fact, you could feel an explosive energy inside the venue as everyone in attendance was on hand for entertainment – and, yes, moaning in their seats. It makes one wonder whether the trade-off — the social media exposure, engagement, and excitement that comes with a raucous dance party — is worth 90 minutes of undivided attention. Word Is Show’s promoter, AEG, is debating the same question in an effort to slash ticket sales. However, from where we were sitting, it looked like a packed house. Still, Silk Sonic is not a household name, and marketing materials around Vegas address it by prominently listing Mars and Pak. problem solved?

Is this our COO on the dance floor? Following Silk Sonic’s performance at Nomad, Atlantic co-president/COO Greenwald was seen throwing in some old-school hip-hop, as if in need of a reminder that she came to Rush Management, who took on Run’s career. carried forward. -DMC, LL Cool J, Beginner Beastie Boys and many more.

Spotted: Dave from Glass Animals (masked, but recognizable in a brown velvet tracksuit) walks alone at MGM’s The District, taking selfies with fans; Nominee Kamasi Washington looked radiant upon check-in at the MGM Grand.

Check back for more gossip as Grammy Day progresses.

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