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Grammy 2022: The Gentlemen – Tom + Lorenzo

Grammy 2022: The Gentlemen - Tom + Lorenzo

Two interesting things about the Grammys red carpet this year: First, Styles was less outrageous than we anticipated, and second, we’re amazed at how little it bothered us. You can read our thoughts on the outfits of lil nass x, btsAnd Justin BiberBut the rest of you Grammy gents will have to line up to decide.

Canali. in Ben Platt

This is right. We love the jacket, but the ripped shirt looks a bit gimmicky.

Billy Porter in Valentino

Calling this look “expected” sounds a bit cynical, but once the risk is built into your brand, each risk pays slightly less dividends. He looks great, though. It’s a gorgeous outfit and we love the lip color.

Diplo in Sweden’s Tiger

We were taken with this look. It’s sharp, fitted well, and it locks her hair. The vest looks a bit tangled and doesn’t look like it’s allowed to breathe that deeply, but the look delivers.

Gives to the channel

If someone had told us that someone was going to wear a Chanel tweed leisure suit to the Grammys, we would have predicted a fashion disaster, but it’s actually pretty awesome.

Jack Harlow in Givenchy

We were also surprised with this look. We don’t usually grow up in all-black suiting on the red carpet, but the fit is fine, the shoes are perfect, and from a styling perspective, you can’t beat the combination of fine tailoring and loosely styled hair.

Jared Leto in Gucci

Credit where it’s due: We’ve been raving about his humorous approach to flamboyant fashion all month, but he does much better when he sticks to classic rockstar style. He looks no less mischievous, but it suits him.

John Batiste in Dolce & Gabbana

We suspect very few people can pull it off other than him. This is a lot.

Lenny Kravitz in Natalia Fedner

Blasphemy Time: This look is starting to approach its expiration date, Lenny.

Leon Bridge in the Pack by Campillo

We loved this whole look. It feels like saluting the soul groups of the seventies.

Leslie Odom Jr in Dior Homme

Hmm. First of all, we love shoes. well done there. Second, we’ve spent some time delving into jacket design and while we don’t want to condone any attempt to make men’s suits more interesting and trendy, we’re not sure this thing works. We can be better convinced if she’s wearing a pair of pants and it feels like a unified ensemble.

Trevor Noah in Gucci

We don’t think many men can pull off that kind of pale pink in a double breasted tuxedo, but he looks fabulous in it.

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