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First Stream Latin – Billboard

First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos, recommended by Board Latin editor. See this week’s picks below.

Rosalia, “Despecha” (Columbia Records)

Inspired by Dominican artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Omega and Fefita La Grande, Rosalia has launched her first Mambo called “Despecha”. The track, produced by Chris JD and Gabby Music, was first teased in the middle of their tour and quickly went viral on social media. “Despecha” is a danceable electro-merengue and mambo fusion about a girl who ends up beating her friends at the club for heartbreak. “There are many ways to be Despecha, be it from freedom or insanity, to proceed without reservation or remorse,” she expressed in a statement. — Jessica Roiz

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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Andres Cepeda and Riek, “Tu Despertador” (Sony Music Colombia)

Two masters of romance, one Colombian (Cepeda), one Mexican (pop trio Riek), meet in the common ground of a heartbreaking pop ballad, performing with pathos and emotion with the permission of good lyrics (“If You leave because someone can steal your “heart, keep mine, and let it beat for both of you”). Rik and Cepeda met on the set voice colombia, and a collab has since been pending. Here, they do what they both do best: fine lyricism and melodic flair, with a guitar-based accompaniment that embraces the pop sensibility without any urban gimmicks. It’s also back to basics in a short video. But it works because the music allows it. — Leela Kobo

Lit Fort, “La Tormenta” (Warner Music Latina)

Argentine rapper Lit Killah trades his tougher rap verses for more melodious lyrics in his new emo-leaning pop track “La Tormenta”. The 22-year-old artist, who has dabbled in pop and rock-leaning tracks in the past, proves to be a chameleon singer/songwriter who can move from genre to genre. Produced by Big One, “La Tormenta”, where he shows off his broad vocals, is a heartwarming track on which Lit Killah sings about nostalgia after the breakup. — Griselda Floors

Ceci “Party” (Universal Music Latino)

The Cuban-Puerto Rican singer returns with her new single “Party,” a summer-ready track about letting go of her essence in every new adventure after heartbreak. Written and produced by Oplus and the Best Sounds and Gavriel “Wayne” Raphael, this new single is powered by slow-tempo thumping beats, soft melodies, and high vocals from Ceci. ,– Ingrid Fajardo

Estemann, “Un Dia en Paris” (Universal Music Group Mexico)

“Un Dia en Paris”, a true love story created with Adan Jodorowsky and Technicolor Fabrics, perfectly embodies Estemann’s real-life emotional state. He is in love and ready to tie the knot. In a feel-good, groovy bop inspired by her engagement to boyfriend George in Paris, the Colombian singer/songwriter opens up about finally finding her. “I’ll never doubt that, with you, I’ll be the best version of me every day,” she says in the song’s lyrics. “When I was young, Paris was not only my home for a year, but it was also the city where my parents got engaged,” he said in a statement. “A beautiful and perfect place to continue nurturing a commitment to George and to ask him to marry me.” “Un Dia en Paris” is the first single from Estemann’s upcoming album. — JR

Pole Granch, “Solo X T” (Sony Music Espaa)

Pole Grande’s “Solo x Ti” is on track to become this summer’s heartbreaking anthem. The French-Spanish singer/songwriter is placing all bets on a ’90s pop sound for this new song that previews her upcoming album. As always, Pol is seen walking the streets of Grand Miami feeling lost and confused after a heartbreak in the music video. “All that’s left of you is a picture lost in Miami, my nights are your days, running through the streets with 10% battery pretending you love me but knowing you’ll be gone. In my stories, beer with friends, but nothing matters if I’m not with you anymore.” – gf

Lasso “Algodon” (Universal Music Mexico)

After “Ojos Marrones”, his viral hit that became a phenomenon on TikTok, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Lasso presented his most recent single, “Algodón”. A combination of styles brings this song to life and takes us on a journey between electronic pop and softer, more subtle beats. His powerful, succulent tone develops in the story about a love that is no longer around and how much he misses it. “Lying on your skin, soft as cotton, well, well, well, I love when you made love to me,” he sings in the chorus. – If

Brytiago, Polima Westcoast, “SOS” (BUSINESS MUSIC/ONRPM)

Marking Brytiago’s first collaborative effort with emerging Chilean artist Polima Westcoast, “SOS” is a bubbly, bubbly reggaeton that best captures Brytiago’s recreated sound with Polima’s mellow, juicy vocals. With its catchy, repetitive “if you’re hot, dial SOS,” we can smell a new TikTok hit from a mile away. The track, organically born after the two artists met at the 2022 Premios Tu Musica Urbano, is helmed by producers Magic on the Beat and Dime Acua. Equally colorful and playful is the music video filmed by Abez in Dorado, Puerto Rico, about two handymen trying to date the same girl. — JR

Eurydia and Banda MS, “¿Y Que Tal Si Funciona?” (Sony Music Mexico)

“¿Y Que Tal Si Funciona?” Euridia has joined hands with Banda MS for a heartfelt new collaboration in — part of the singer’s journey towards her long-awaited regional Mexican album, which is due to be released in October via Sony Music. The single combines the powerful, melodious vocals of Euridia with the romantic sounds of banda ms, starting with the strings of an acoustic guitar that then merges with a full mariachi band. The song talks about taking risks in love and what would happen if it really worked out. “And what if it works out, what we’ve always wanted, don’t think it’s too late, I wanna stay,” he sings. – If

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