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Father John Misty Review of ‘Chloe and the Next 20th Century’

But taken as a whole, Chloe and the Next 20th Century There’s a mood album that really requires you to sink in and get it done on its terms. even similar sloburn pure humor There was greater variation in speed and timing and texture, whereas chloe takes a surprising approach and Really Committed to it. On the one hand, it is not entirely correct to dismiss chloe Nothing less than a big, bold return from FJM. There’s a lot of ambition and craft throughout the album, and it’s hard to think of many other artists on Tillman’s wavelength or echelon who are messing around with these particular pieces of pop history. But more than ever with the FJM, it’s a real “your mileage may vary”-type affair. His opponents would be put off, and some fans would be dismayed. beauty is no less chloe compared to its predecessors, but it takes Tillman some time to get used to listening again in such a serious mood.

It’s a pretty big left turn of an album, and even within that trajectory Tillman eventually heads off in an unexpected direction. just when you think you’ve got it Chloe and the Next 20th Century Fully revealed—after the stretch in “We Can Be Strangers” from “Funny Girl” to “Only a Fool,” at 40-minutes—the album elevates everything with its titanic, surprising close: its second title track. , “The Next 20th Century.” Out of nowhere, Tillman exudes a palette of ballads and ’50s, sweet voices mixed with sour sentiments. “The Next 20th Century” is a song laden with apocalyptic gravity, which is suddenly all-consuming. It’s an immediate contender for best Father John Misty song.

“The Next 20th Century” is a masterpiece of atmosphere – haunting yet soothing strings and synths, a simmering beat, the kind of melody that’s simple but deep enough to hit every line. A Nazi wedding band, Val Kilmer as Batman, “Remember your oppression history, babe / When you’re under me,” “But none of us here / Will ever see the promised land / None of us will be here for the end of childhood,” “Come Build Your Graves / On Our Cemeteries / But You Won’t Kill Death Like This”: The entire song is a tour de force of Tillman’s best performance. This cultural stigma and the mundane ways we fill our lives and distractions we fall prey to under an all-encompassing gray sky of eternal existential crises. When that plucked guitar pops up, it’s shocking in the context of the song, and especially within the flow of the entire album – a slight allowance of release. And then finally, finally, some resolution to continue: “I don’t know’ about you / But I’ll take love songs / And give you the future in return … I’ll take love songs / And as far away as they had come.”

Here, at the end of the album, you get the kind of lyrical and sonic scope one would expect from an album titled Father John Misty. Chloe and the Next 20th Century, If the rest of the album has to grow on you, I haven’t been able to shake “The Next 20th Century” since the first time I heard it. In many ways, it feels like it was taken off another album, and it probably was — you can imagine it sitting alongside the songs that debuted in 2019,”tell it as it is” And “time fools us“A synth-y late-night Cohen-esque FJM album.

However, this is not the album we got. rather than, Chloe and the Next 20th Century There’s an awkwardness, with some songs that talk a lot to each other, and other sets that talk to each other, some in a classic FJM dialect and some trying something new. Overall, it’s interesting, don’t know how he got to this sound and where he could go from here. That has always been the case with Father John Misty, and zigs and zags and obfuscations often result in something beneficial. It’s true here, in all the striking moments Chloe and the Next 20th Century can offer. But the album is still about a paradox: Father John Misty is perhaps the most handsome and most humble, even if he is most disappointed.

Chloe and the Next 20th Century Sub Pop and Bella is out 4/8 on Union.

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