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The second edition of Mask singer (Antena 3) continues to surprise with the characters that hide behind the participating masks. If the first week it was La Toya Jackson who was discovered behind Menina’s costume and the second week it was Isabel Preysler who was hiding under Gatita, another surprise jumped when revealing the identity of the first eliminated from the third round of participants: behind the costume of Mariposa was the former politician Esperanza Aguirre.

In the first round, Mariposa had sung the song in French Ella Elle L’a, of Kate Ryan, while for the final duel a fragment of This Boots Are Made for Walkingby Nancy Sinatra. Although many on social networks had guessed the identity of this mask, the program’s researchers (José Mota, Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Paz Vega) had not considered Esperanza Aguirre’s name. The assumptions they made were directed towards María Teresa Campos, Carmen Lomana or Mayra Gómez Kemp. Even Calvo even mentioned the possibility that Celia Villalobos was under Mariposa, also a former politician and Aguirre’s party partner in the PP.

On the previous tracks on Mariposa’s identity, she had commented on her pioneering character (she was the first woman to preside over the Senate and an Autonomous Community), her love for sport (golf, in this case) and that now she is going to enter the world from the kitchen. This last track refers to his participation in the program Celebrity Bake Off, that has launched Amazon Prime Video and in which several celebrities will compete to make the best cakes and in which Aguirre will participate along with other celebrities such as Esty Quesada, Chenoa or Andrés Velencoso.

After revealing his identity, Aguirre explained that he had participated in Mask singer because “I love singing”: “I don’t have a good voice, but I do have a good ear,” he said.

The former president of the Community of Madrid and former Minister of Education is the third politician to participate in the program and the second former Minister. In the first edition, the politician and actor Toni Cantó reached the final under the identity of Camaleón. Before that, Máximo Huerta, writer, presenter and former Minister of Culture, who participated disguised as Gamba, was discovered.

This Wednesday, at its new location for the week (the first two deliveries of Mask Singer 2 aired on Monday), the program reached its maximum quota of the season, with 16.9% of Compartir and was seen by 1,831,000 viewers. Survivors (Telecinco), which also moved its main gala by day from Thursdays to Wednesdays, led the night with 2,131,000 viewers and a 23.7% share. Much worse luck ran I am alive in La 1 with the closing of its third season, which was seen live by 801,000 viewers and obtained a 5.6% share.

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