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Doja Cat asks Noah Schnapp if ‘Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn is single – Billboard

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From planet hero On the upside, love is really all around us. Doja Cat is officially moving on, to become an epic modern tale of online dating culture strange things Season four’s breakout star Joseph Quinn — as revealed via a somewhat revealing DM shared by the show’s Noah Schnapp.

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The origins of this story go back more than a month, when Doja first expressed his infatuation with the British actor in an intense tweet posted on May 30 – aka, three days after volume one. strange things’ The fourth season dropped on Netflix. “Joseph Quinn is fine as s—t,” she wrote of Quinn, who plays beloved newcomer Eddie Munson.

The “Vegas” musician then responded to a Twitter fan page of Joseph Quinn, who posted a photo of him game of Thrones alum and wrote, “Doja look how good Joseph Quinn is.”

“It’s the f-king criminal,” she replied on Wednesday (July 6).

Then, things got real. that day, OG strange things Star Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, posted a TikTok — soundtrack by Doja’s 2020 track “Boss Bitch” — that shared Instagram direct messages between him and the Grammy winner, who asked him, “Noah you Can tell Joseph to HMU.”

“Can’t wait. Does he have a gf?” He added.

When Schnapp advised her to “slide into her DMS,” Doja said she didn’t know Quinn’s Instagram or Twitter account and commented, “She doesn’t have a DM to slide into.”

“Here, ma’am,” replied Schnapp, sending her a link to Quinn’s Instagram account.

Only time will tell what happens – Doja Quin? Joseph the cat? — but it’s worth noting that the “Kiss Me More” artist isn’t the first musician whose heart has been captured by Eddie Munson in the past few weeks. Although in a very different way, Metallica also took to social media after singing Quinn’s praises strange things‘ Season four concluded, seeing how impressed he was with his heroic performance of his 1986 track “Master of Puppets” in the finale episode.

“It’s so well done, so much so that some people were able to guess the song just by looking at the seconds of Joseph Quinn’s hands in the trailer!” The band wrote about the scene on Instagram. “How crazy is this? It’s an incredible honor to be such a big part of Eddie’s journey.”

Check out Noah Schnapp’s TikTok and Doja Cat’s tweets about Joseph Quinn below:

@noahschnapp #stitch together @tardanto Original Soundtrack – Noah Schnapp

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