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Chris Jericho admits Fozzy uses ‘backing tracks for some songs’, claims ‘everyone’ does more

Chris Jericho admits FOZZY uses 'backing tracks for some songs', claims 'everyone' claims more

in a new interview with recession Detroit’s WRIF radio station, fozzy front man Chris Jericho The theme touched on rock bands by using pre-recorded backing tracks during the live performances. He Said (As Written by) BLABBERMOUTH.NET🙂 “We use backing tracks for some songs, and everyone does guns N Roses… I repeat it again … if you’re in slashband of… guns N Roses There are backing tracks. He has a keyboard player. This is the way of the world right now. It does not mean that we are not singing and playing. If you’re listening to a record, you can do a . go to def Leppard gig and you listen ‘Pour some sugar on me’ It was recorded with 25 tracks of guitars, you can’t go on stage with just two guitars and think in your right mind that something wasn’t creating the background. This is exactly what bands are like. It doesn’t make you less of a band. ‘Cause you know what? Queen Tracks used in the 70s. If you don’t believe me, watch this when they play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Live.”

Back in July 2020, Jericho was accused by Sebastian Bacho Using pre-recorded lead vocal tracks during a live performance. thief ex skid Row frontman initially claimed Jericho was “copying a tape” fozzy concert in social media post, In response, the wrestler-turned-rocker insisted that he “never copied anything” and challenged bach For “singoff” with “no effects, no tuning, no bullshit,”Bus A great singer…but I am better”.

in the coming months, bach upbringing JerichoLip syncing allegedly on several occasions, most recently in an interview in January 2021 Aquarian Weekly, asked specifically about his feud with Chris, Sebastian Said: “I have an open mind about everyone. If I read Blabbermouth.com [sic] that some bands say, ‘we’re the future of rock ‘n’ roll and we’re the next thing rolling Stones‘I think it must be incredible! What am I missing? so i saw a video During which the singer was 100% copying a tape on stage at The Rockpile in Toronto. I thought to myself, ‘This is weird, it’s not next’ Rolling stone, so i watch another video where he was opening Nickelback in an arena and, again, he is copying a tape. You can go and see for yourself. Then someone said, ‘Here is the clip of him singing live. Legitimate, brother.’ And this he is again copying a tape. This is clearly insane. It’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. I’m not starting a fight. But don’t tell me what live singing is, ’cause I ain’t never used a tape. I don’t even know how to do that.”

bach also addressed the fact that Jericho accused him of having a less-than-original stage name after him Sebastian slammed Jericho a. to copy the name of skid Row for the journey fozzy,

“I changed some letters of my legal surname [Bierk], Who is there Weasel McQueen, bach referring to asked Jerichoorigin of fozzy stage name. “What kind of stage name is this?

“How about this: Professional wrestling sucks,” he said. “Everyone wishes they were a rock star. It’s hilarious. Obviously, all you have to do is [record] Tape one, get on stage, and jump around. You can jump off the drum riser and do jumping jacks. It doesn’t matter if you’re copying tapes.”

Jerichomost public reaction of bachThe criticism came in a tweet from January 2021. At the time, he wrote: “I’ve been told that @sebastianbach continues to go out of his way to bury me. My response is…be my guest! You’re entitled to your opinion and it doesn’t affect Me either way. I still dig your work on the first 3 @OfficialSkidRow albums and look forward to your new record.”

When bach first went public with them Jericho Blame, fozzy guitar player rich ward Called Sebastian “universally disliked” and seeing that bach “It’s sad to say a good word about the only person I’ve ever seen to go after that in public.”

Sebastianwho has been vocal about the rock band using pre-recorded backing tracks during live shows, later trying to explain their outburst, writing: “I’m not trying to beat anybody. I’m really trying to say hey. Chris Maybe you’re right, maybe I’ll stop singing live and dance around like you tapes then Chris, I’m tired of working so hard it’s like banging my head against the wall.”

after a self-proclaimed bach fan called Sebastian on “a donkey” Twitter to fire the “first shot” in your war of words with Jericho, bach Came back with: “Hey man f*** you. I’ve spent my life learning how to sing on stage. When someone comes along and copies a tape it sucks for all of us who No. You want to go see a good wrestling match. Don’t call it rock and roll.”

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