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Chardy B deleted Twitter and Instagram after the arrival of the fans did not attend the Grammy

Cardi B Grammys

Cardi B Grammys

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just a few weeks ago, madamenoire Cardi B is reported to be stepping down from her lead role at Paramount assisted Living Some days are scheduled for the movie began filming in NYC earlier because she felt “Extended.”

While no further explanation was given at the time, the busy rapper, mother of two and businessmen It seems that when it comes to their fans that are at the end of his wit.

On April 3, “Money” rapper went on social media claimed that some of his followers were bringing in unduly her family members in the name of online play because he had criticized in 2022 for not being included in the Grammy.

“I’m deleting my Twitter. On god I hate this f-kin dumba- fan base,” Cardi tweeted before deactivating her account yesterday. “You got the slow dumba – all dragging my kids around reason [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t f—k?

“When F-I’ve indicated that I was going,” continued his tweet. “Just F-Qin stupid. I can not. I need to protect themselves.”

Chardy gave an explanation on his Instagram live some time before to delete your account on the platform.

The rapper explained that he was busy on Sunday, and why did not he believes that some of his fans that he extended them further or give any indication that he will participate in the Grammy. She also was defeated noted that this year’s event participation was not worth going through the motions because his song “up” Baby Came and best rap “Family Taijh” the Kendrick Lamar performing category – of that evening was his only nomination. ,

“I’m Girl-day sh * t now, is not it? And I’m cool and all have something and then I’m going through my Twitter and I see people in your Twitter – my fans, my F -King fans – talking sh*t. Really saying i’m lazy And that I was indicating that I was going to the Grammys. B-CH, how F-I was implying that I’m going to the Grammys [I’m] Really Lejhring my p-sy my insta Story and bleaching? ” Chardy said.

“Is there any new music to me? Why do I show up with a nomination?” He asked his followers. “And I lost it anyway, because you wanted me to go to the Grammys, give Harun and awards, and I am still smiling there, it’s great, it’s great.” For example, let a me n-. now agree. I have sh * t do not like. And then it’s like, ‘Oh, but you were signs …’ you’re what prompted my insta story that I was going to the Grammys? Oh my tweets, “I do like a guy like that fashion ‘- fk is to do what the Grammy-of? Red hair and tattoos – fk has to do with me what to say to that I’m going to the Grammys? “

“And Mdrf-Curse I’m doing like I cancel it, and he was. I you should tell you something, I do not give af-k. I said nothing to them, that tweet, I really Mother means -king, “Chardy said, accordingly To Complex, “Oh, why do you want to do a mother? ‘ Well, the person who brought my son. If you are sh * t about me, you’re bringing why my f-king’s son? “

“He really freaks me out,” Cardi expressed of her fans, who bring up her family when they criticize her. I! News reports,

“If you raise my son, I’ll hate you,” she said. “I am the worst wished on you.”

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