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Celebrities keep commenting nonstop on Carrie Underwood’s heartbreaking Instagram

Celebrities keep commenting nonstop on Carrie Underwood's heartbreaking Instagram

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Carrie Underwood said one final goodbye to your dog aceBut she won’t soon forget him.

on Sunday, 39 year old country music singerhad a heartso full“When he conceded his eighth victory 2022 Grammy Awards, after her faith-based album my Savior has been awarded Best Root Gospel AlbumCarrie walked the red carpet with her husband, mike fisherand later his new single “Ghost story.” Unfortunately American Idol On his way back home the alum suffered a heart-wrenching loss.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Carey revealed that her 12-year-old dog had died shortly after wrapping up their memorable evening. She opened up about the personal moment with a photo archive of the ace through the years. “Last night my dear Ace left this world…he will live on in our hearts and be missed forever,” Carrie captioned it, “He was there for me trying to figure out life on my own when it was in its madness!”

She continued: “He was with me through 3 houses, 6 tours and 2 kids…always ready to sleep and play…through all the ups and downs. He was a true friend and a good friend till the end.” It was a boy. I love you sweet ace… See you on the other side…💔.”

After the Oklahoma native paid tribute to her four-legged friend, celebrity friends immediately flooded the comments section with words of support and loving words. “I’m so sorry. I know how much it hurts. Sendin’ love your way,” wrote the fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert, “💔 🙏🏻,” added TV personality Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “🙏🏼💔🙏🏼,” commented the Thousand Foot Crutch frontman Trevor McNavan, “I’m so sorry, Carrie! Lots of love to you and your family… xo!” said singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith,

Carey’s fans also told her that they were thinking of her. “Dhatre ki!!! I am so sorry Carrie. Dogs are 100% family members and it is very difficult to say goodbye. Sending you love ️,” wrote one person. “I am so sorry Carrie! Ace Sure was an important member of this entire fantasy, without Ace there was no Carrie. He will definitely be missed! , “another pair. “I am very sorry. Yesterday so much joy and such sadness mixed in everyone,” said a different fan.

Not only that, some people called Carey his song of 2007 “the more boys i meet, ” in which she sings about her love for him.” ‘The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog’ ️ You even said ‘Ace’ when I first saw you live! When you sang that song,” commented a follower.

Although the country singer didn’t share how old Ace was, she recently said that, she’ll always be a young puppy. On March 23, Carey celebrated National Puppy Day on Instagram with pictures of Ace with her other dogs, Pennies And Zero, “It’s #NationalPuppyDay!” She wrote, “My kids may be all grown ups now (got one in diapers too), but they’ll always be the pups in my heart! Be extra sweet to those adorable family members today! ️.”

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