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Calvin Harris’ Funk Waw Bounce Vol. 2′ Essential Track – Billboard

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At first, it seemed like a mirage. On the way to Coachella 2022, in the middle of the California desert, a sign appeared, No dates, no details — just a billboard teasing that Scottish superstar producer and master collaborator Calvin Harris was going back.

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The thirst that began that afternoon in the desert on Friday (August 5) has been quenched. Six years after the first installment of funk wav bounce – which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and spent 42 weeks on the chart – Harris is back Funk Wow Bounce Vol 2,

In our singles-driven release cycle, Harris isn’t required to make an album. He can surprise funky, disco-inspired singles with A-list pop singers and still dominate every playlist and get radio play. In the years following his final full-length, he did exactly that, giving us “One Kiss” with Dua Lipa, “Promises” with Sam Smith, and even a Benny Blanco collaboration (“I Found You “) brought Harris back. Mike is doing vocals for the first time in years.

This year, Harris has stepped away from the nonstop tour life, with select festivals only, a few Ibiza residency dates, and a Vegas Club Night at XS coming September 17th. (after being wise, after dominating) Forbes’ In the list of highest-paid DJs from 2013–18, they were eventually elevated from number 1 to 2 by The Chainsmokers, a duo clearly inspired by their vocal-driven, radio-friendly dance music.)

But club Kelvin and record Kelvin have been different strokes for different people for some time now. much like Volume. 1on the tracks Funk Wave Bounce Vol. 2 Bottle-serving doesn’t fit in with pyrotechnics the way their “Summer” anthem did in 2014, further widening the gap between producers Harris and Calvin’s performances.

Feather Funk Wave Bounce Vol. 2, Harris has included 23 featured artists in 14 songs, from Busta Rhymes to Charlie Puth to Dua Lipa. Presented as an album, 43 Minutes digests more like a summertime soundtrack, with each song bleeding into the next, almost saving a few standouts from blurring into the background — but it’s not bad. It’s perfect for relaxing by the pool and turning hot days into warm nights.

Different Volume. 1, Where collaborators are listed as featured artists, here, Harris made the subtle change of crediting the singers as equals. This nuanced language shift may represent a maturity in Harris, who, despite being more, if not more famous than his peers, sees himself as one piece of Pop’s puzzle. It’s humbling and appropriate as the world has quickly shifted to worshiping DJ as the new rock star. Audiences want to see who they bring to the table. It’s not just The Calvin Harris Show.

Coming a long way from his humble roots of performing electro-disco songs and singing live on small stages in all-over-print T-shirts, Harris’s pop-crossover work steered dancer pop music in the United States. responsible for the change. 10 years. 2011’s “We Found Love” with Rihanna cemented her as the poster child of the mainstream EDM explosion. But hitmaker Harris wants to remind us that he’s more than just singles and that his music isn’t just fodder for soliciting million-dollar Vegas gigs.

Even as Drake and Beyoncé drop tracks that do as well on the radio as they do in a warehouse, Harris sticks to the same smoky, summery groove. Volume. 1, This new album makes it clear that she has made her time in the underground and has no plans to return to her roots. Feather funk wave bounce volume. 2, Harris balances expected favorites with veterans of the last century and reunites allies. It’s uncertain what the biggest milestone is for a pop star: having or joining a Harris-produced track on her own album.

Here are five great tracks that sound like the summer season.

“Stay With Me” (with Justin Timberlake, Halsey & Pharrell)

This funky, star-studded jam wastes no time. From the very first moment of the track, Halsey’s breath hooks, giving room for Timberlake’s performance that channels her at her best — far away. man in the forest And very close to his career-defining collaboration with Farrell 20 years ago. There is an argument that “Stay With Me,” the album’s third single, should have been the first. But maybe that would be confusing. Landing halfway into the album, it provides some much-needed energy.

“Somebody Else” with Jorja Smith and Lil Durko

Sultry crooner Jorja Smith does what she does best on funky bass lines and rock guitar. Her beloved lyrics contrast with Lil Dirk’s auto-tuned emotion: “The media treats me like I don’t Sound And I’m down to blog / Life is too dangerous at 22, I can’t ignore her calls / I called her ‘bi-‘ the other day, she says she ain’t nobody’s dog.” While Smith Her biggest songs are crossover dance hits with garage producer Predita and collaborations with Nigerian singer Burna Boy, a collaboration that stays true to the effortless, jazz-club style featured in her solo track.

“Day One” with Pharrell and Pusha T

Whether it’s Jay-Z or Calvin Harris’ idea, we’re grateful when something brings Pharrell and Pusha T together. Refresh Pusha’s single, “Neck and Wrist,” her last collaboration with Jay-Z from April, the last track Funk Wave Bounce Vol. 2 The funky, wedding-friendly style continues throughout the project. When Pusha ends her poem by asking “Who do you know chart No. 1 like Bruno” [ Mars]?” The obvious answers are his accomplices in crime on the track: Pharrell and Harris.

Busta Rhymes. With “Ready or Not”

one of Volume. 2The funniest song of all time, “Ready or Not” breaks the one-note element of the record. Busta Rhymes is one of only two artists Funk Wave Bounce Vol. 2 For being the only singer on a track – and that immediately proves why. It wakes the listeners up from a rocky haze and gives them the courage to try to keep up. While Rhimes has been active in 2022, with Diplo and Dominican rapper El Alpha spitting feature verses on the track, this is his first in a long time that gives him his well-deserved spot.

“Obsessed” with Charlie Puth and Shennessy

Dancehall artist Sheensha defies Charlie Puth’s desperate pleas in this tropical summer anthem. The song even has its own visualizer, with dreamy images of flamingos and crashing waves. Fusing ’80s yacht-rock crooning with a hot-girl verse, the curation behind this unexpected duet is fresh, upbeat, and something that Diplo probably wishes she had done before.

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