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Bzrp and Quevedo debut on the Hot 100 with ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 52’ – Billboard

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Bizarrap and Quevedo make their first foray into the Billboard Hot 100, as their collaboration “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52” debuted at number 98 on the charts on August 6.

According to Luminate, the club-friendly anthem, released through Dell Play Records, opened to 5.3 million official US streams in the tracking week of July 22-28, with a 45% gain. It crowned the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Exclusive. After becoming the second all-Spanish-language song to reach the top, the US charts for the second week, and ranks at number 5 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs and jumps 20–13 on Hot Latin Songs.

Bizarrap and Quevedo are both newcomers Boardchart of. Bizzrap (real name: Gonzalo Conde), from Bueno Aires, Argentina, first appeared on a US chart in 2020 as “Mamichula” (billed as Truno and Nikki Nicole, featuring Taiu, Bizzrap and Tatool) , which peaked at number 49 on Global. 100 on the excluded US and Global 200. It also spent four weeks on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100, becoming their first to hit six #1 through “Volumes”. 52.” Buzzrap has earned 34 entries on the Argentine Hot 100 since October 2019, when it reached number 13 with the peaking “Truno: Buzzrap Music Sessions, Vol. 16.”

“Vol. 52” is Bzrp’s fourth entry on the Hot Latin song, “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 41,” with Nicky Jam (number 38 peaks in July 2021); “Vol. 46,” with Anuel AA (No. 38, November 2021); and “Vol. 49,” with Resident (No. 22, this March). The 23-year-old Bizarp recorded an earlier entry on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, “Vol. 51,” with Villano Antillano (No. 17 Peak, this July), and has grown to 16 titles on Global Exclusive. US and 12 on the Global 200.

Bizarrap’s “Session” series highlights developing urban acts in which Bizarrap provides freestyle to the beats and productions and guest artists. Del Play president Federico “Fede” Lauria described the concept as “a creative space, an empty space, a cultural space and a space that very well represents the beginnings of Argentina’s urban music movement.”

Quevedo (full name: Pedro Dominguez Quevedo), from Madrid, Spain, made his first Board Chart presence this February with “Cayo la Noche” with El Ima, Cruz Cafune, Bejo, La Pantera, Jusef and Abhir Hathi. The track peaked at number 64 on Global Exclusive. 145 on the US and Global 200. The 20-year-old has secured two additional entries BoardGlobal charts of: “Si Quiren Frontier,” with Duquee and De La Ghetto (peaks at number 86 on the Global Exclusive US; number 200 on the Global 200), and now Juggernaut “Vol. 52.”

“My music is now heard all over the world and it’s something that’s honestly unbelievable,” Quevedo said. Board On the global chart coronation of “Volume”. 52,” adding that he is currently in the studio working on his first full-length album.

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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