BTS hits Vegas’s Elegant Stadium on April 9th, and brought an army of enthusiastic fans

BTS hits Vegas's Elegant Stadium on April 9th, and brought an army of enthusiastic fans

I’m too young to experience the Beatles’ craze. But I think the current BTS movement is reminiscent of those days—but with more access and opportunity, thanks to technology. There are tons of apps where fans can connect with the boys, and the amount of Las Vegas activities that Dance On Stage shows allow is jaw-dropping.

The boys played four sold out nights at Allegiant Stadium (April 8, 9, 15 and 16) during the presale. Before attending the second night of the series on April 9th, I spent hours researching famous boy bands. I learned the basics, starting early 2013, and listened to a portion of his larger discography. But no research could prepare me for how huge and passionate the BTS army is.

I arrived about an hour before the doors opened at 4:30, hoping to chat with fans. There were already hundreds of people there, and the group was diverse as far as I could tell. The crowd consisted of men and women, old and young alike. They were a mix of Asian, Black, Latinx and White. And, as I found out later they were also binary and non-binary. Some of these men wore their BTS T-shirts and some wore BT21 (personalities created by BTS members) headbands.

While waiting in line, I saw a family of three and asked them if they would be traveling to stay at Allegiant. I learned that 15-year-old Carmen had traveled from Detroit, Michigan, with her mother and grandmother, who were also fans. Carmen’s mother said they had come out to Las Vegas because after missing the Map of the Soul tour, which was canceled due to COVID-19, she thought it was her only opportunity to see the boys.

I also encountered fans who came here from Minnesota, Arizona, Texas, and California. I also ran into a couple of Henderson residents—Geeee and Becky, both in their 50s—who attended the Permission to Dance on Stage show at Sophie Stadium late last year.

,[BTS’s music] Very different from the new music that is out there. It’s just positive,” says GG.

Some fans arrived hours earlier, such as 28-year-old Serena from Anaheim, California, who arrived at 7:45 a.m. at Sophie Stadium two nights too busy to enter, she explained. Additionally, it took hours to pass through sponsor booths (for free gift and photo opportunities) and business lines.

“I’d say the organization was better here,” she says. “We got the merch line and all the sponsorships, like, by 12:30 pm”

Serena said that if she could get tickets for another night at Allegiant, she would. But it was a little harder to get tickets this time around, and besides, she’s Coachella-bound during BTS’ second weekend.

“I’ve been a fan since 2015 … and I really wanted to see them when they came to America like in 2017, but I was still in college, and I didn’t have any money to watch them,” she said . Then, with the pandemic, I was like ‘I’m never going to see them.’ So, in a way, I thought if I could go see BTS in concert, I thought it meant the world was getting better. ,

With this I found my way to my seat. As the lights dimmed, the words “We don’t need permission” flashed on the LED screen. The crowd of 50,000 burst into applause as the show began—the fastest crowd I’ve ever lived in.

BTS their 2020 album . Singing “On” from the white and red suit erupted with high energy soul map, The Army Bomb—a BTS Official Light Stick—changed from white to red as BTS moved to their second song, “Burning Up (Fire)”. It was surprising how many fans bought these light sticks; There was no reason to take out the cell phone tonight.

As the show continued, the crowd showed that they were well versed in being called “Fanchant”. These include chanting the names of the member, from oldest to youngest, before the song begins. Special songs are also sung during a song.

Several times throughout the show, BTS took the time to talk to the crowd. They took about 20 minutes to share their thoughts on the evening, before the final song “Dance Allowed” was performed.

The boy’s personalities really came to the fore during speaking as well as when they were performing. Based on this concert, I get a sense that J-Hope is positive, V is charming and RM is a confident leader. As a group, however, they come across as fools. BTS fans can correct me if I’m wrong.

These boys can clearly sing, dance, rap and have a great time. In fact, it’s hard to be sad when the BTS are doing what they do best. Melodies and dance moves can make anyone laugh.

When the show ended, I took the opportunity to chat with more fans to see what they thought.

Anna, 22, and Genesis, 23, traveled together from Phoenix to see their first BTS concert.

“it was very nice!” He said in one voice.

“It was crazy to see him in person because we’ve been seeing him on TV for five years,” Anna said.

Frankie, 28, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, attended three nights of the show at Sophie Stadium and bought two nights at Allegiant Stadium. Frankie said, “No two BTS shows are the same. Even if it’s a similar setlist, you’ll always get a different experience.”

But why travel so far twice?

“I guess I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel a real connection with the artists and the music they produce. That’s really what I mean when I say that the experience is unlike anything else and with their fans. Their connection and the wonderful art they have created for us and the way they perform for us is so incredible,” he said. “It is worth it. It’s worth the plane ticket – for some people it’s worth the bus ride. It is worth the money if you are lucky enough and if you have enough privileges to be able to do something on this scale. ,

The army is emotional, I realize. But how and why did he become so emotional? Every member of the military has an origin story, and those I spoke to smiled and lit up when asked about their story. They know exactly where they were, and they remember the first BTS song they heard.

Some said that it was the positive message in the songs that made them a fan. Others said it was the dance moves of the group, or their personality. One fan even went so far as to say that they are won over by Jin’s hair.

Throughout all the stories I heard, one thing became clear: People feel like they found BTS at the right time. These boys have given them hope and happiness when they need it.

“When you need BTS, BTS will find you,” Serena says.

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