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Black Music Action Coalition’s 2022 Music in Action Gala: Honors – Billboard

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The Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC), an advocacy organization formed to address systemic racism in the music business, announced the honors for its second annual Music in Action Awards gala, scheduled for Thursday, September 22 at the Beverly Hilton. in Beverly Hills, Calif.

This year’s honors include:

  • John “Big John” Platt, With the President and CEO of Sony Music Publishing Clarence Avanti Trailblazer Award
  • Kevin Lyles, 300 President and CEO of Electra Entertainment, with Amazon Music and the Recording Academy, with the BMAC Social Impact Award
  • journalist Nicole Hannah-Jones, lawyer and writer Brittany K. barnett, and cultural producer joy brownWith the BMAC Change Agent Award
  • Representative Maxine Waters (D-California), with the inaugural BMAC Icon Award

“Activism is a daily decision to stand up for what is right. … It is the desire to speak truth to power, without regret,” Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, Co-Founder/Co-Chairman of BMAC said in a statement. “Each of our 2022 Music in Action Award honorees embodies this spirit. BMAC is an organization that holds our industry accountable for its pledge to fight systemic racism and will applaud and celebrate those who use their voices, platforms and resources to advance past demonstrative gestures of solidarity, But the real action that will lead to permanent change. ,

Several honorees also issued statements.

“Clarence Avant is an extremely important person in my life, so it is a special honor to be honored with the BMAC Trailblazer Award in his name,” Platt said. “Clarence ignited a path that inspires many of us, and I applaud BMAC for following their path toward equality in the music business.”

“In the 35 years I have spent in my industry, I have tried to deliberate every decision and every movement with the overarching goal of social justice and equality,” Lyles said. “It is my mission to make changes that reflect the music being released in the boardroom. I am honored and humbled to receive BMAC’s Social Impact Award and am excited to continue the conversation and drive the change we need in our industry.

“We are absolutely humbled to receive the Social Impact Award from the Black Music Action Coalition,” said Harvey Mason Jr., Recording Academy CEO, and Co-President Waleesha Butterfield Jones And Panos A. panayu, “We – as an organization and new leadership team – are committed to the long-term, systemic work that needs to be done to drive real and measurable change in our industry and around the world. … the power of music and Our role in driving equity in and for black music at the Recording Academy is a responsibility we take seriously. We look forward to continuing this essential work with BMAC and our industry partners.”

“Amazon Music is honored to be part of BMAC’s annual Music in Action Awards Gala and receive their Social Impact Award,” said Tim Hinshaw, Head of Hip-Hop and R&B for Amazon Music. “Black musicians, songwriters, and executives are the heart of this industry, and we are honored to be working with BMAC to ensure the next generation of black talent gets the support they need to flourish.”

quincy jones The recipient of the Humanitarian Award will be announced later this month. Additional prize recipients, participants and event details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Among those honored at the first Music in Action Awards gala in 2021 The Weeknd, HER, Ethiopia Habtemariam, Tuma Basa, Representative Ben Crump, Dinah LaPault, Aurora James, YouTube Music and Sean Gee,

The Black Music Action Coalition board includes Stigres, caron Weezy, Ashauna Ayers, Naima Cochrane, Jameel Davis, Sean Holiday, Damien SmithAnd Courtney Stewart, On the BMAC advisory board, Avant, Jones and . Are included Irving Azoff,

Apart from honoring the awardees, this year’s event will celebrate the achievements of the organization and highlight upcoming initiatives. In 2021, the organization launched the inaugural Music Industry Action Report Card, a measure of accountability for black executives, artists, vendors and stakeholders to have a voice, visibility, participation and ownership, and a call to action for the music industry. Is. Equivalent to the revenue generated from black music and culture.

Additionally, BMAC has partnered with #BreatheWithMe, NOWTHIS. Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, summer walker, Khalid, Ty Doll $sign, ti And others to create “17 Ways Black People Can Kill Black People in America,” a call for action for the Biden administration to launch the U.S. Truth, Racial Remedies and Change Commission. In May, BMAC partnered with Wasserman Music and the Professional Music Program at Tennessee State University for a three-week music accelerator program. The group also launched its COVID Relief Fund for Black creatives and industry professionals whose income was hit by the pandemic. Recently, BMAC worked with US representatives Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) and Jamal Bowman (DNY) to establish the Restoring Artistic Protection Act (RAP Act) that would protect recording artists from the use of their songs against them in criminal and civil proceedings.

The 2022 gala will also commemorate this year’s Music Industry Action Report Card, which is scheduled for release later this month, and will spotlight the 2023 launch of the transformational support program that celebrates 40 Black Nashville-based artists, creators and aspiring managers. Guaranteed basic income for ,

For more information about the Black Music Action Coalition and the Music in Action Awards Gala, visit bmacoalition.org,

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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