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Billie Eilish celebrates 1 year of ‘Happier Than Ever’ at Amoeba Music – Billboard

To mark the one year anniversary of the release of happier than ever, Billie Eilish hosted an intimate concert for fans and friends at Amoeba Music in Hollywood on Friday (July 29) with her brother and producer/co-writer Finesse. Released on July 30, 2021, happier than ever Marked the 20-year-old’s second studio album and hit #1 on the Billboard 200, just like her debut Where do we go when we are all asleep? Back in 2019.

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Fans waited for hours outside independent record stores for the opportunity to watch the free acoustic show, many of whom reached for Billie Eilish tour merchandise and gave them a warm welcome when Eilish took the stage. He and Finesse went straight to “Billy Bossa Nova”, one of the fans of the album. Although intended for stripped-back, guitar-only performance, the . was to honor a year of happier than ever, It is Eilish’s stunning two-song EP . was also a sign for guitar songs, Which he left on July 21.

After “Billy Bossa Nova”, Eilish played his first rendition of “TV”, a serious and topical ballad from the new EP that featured Roe v. Wade and the overturning of “Movie Stars on Trial”, possibly an allusion to the highly publicized defamation lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Although the song was less than a month old, fans were already joining in for the bridge, with Eilish singing “Maybe I’m the Problem”.

The young star admitted to fans that she had planned to end the set with a third song, “Happier Than Ever”, but instead, she chose which bonus song everyone wanted to hear by asking the crowd. . After shouting from all directions, Eilish and Phineas played “Getting Older”, the first track from the record.

“Not only is it the anniversary of the album,” Eilish declared after the song to cheering fans. “it’s also [Finneas’] Birthday tomorrow. He’s going to be 25!” The crowd erupted. Then the set ended, like many of his concerts do, with the album’s title cut, which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 the previous year. The perfect finale, with fans shouting popular songs like “You Made Me Hate This City” with Eilish later leaving the room with a feeling of catharsis.

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