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Best Moments from Historic Set – Billboard

When J-Hope Joins the Lollapalooza lineup as a new headliner, bts The members had already made history as the first Korean artist to headline a major US music festival. But the star didn’t rest on those historic accolades while putting together her 70-minute set.

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J-Hope’s title set for the famed Chicago festival – nicknamed #HOBIPALOZA by Twitter fans since its announcement – was a more comprehensive representation of the various aspects that make up the star. The audience got to see J-Hope’s electrifying personality on stage, his respect for hip-hop, the social message he believes in, his humility and much more.

“I put my heart and my soul into my music,” J-Hope told the crowd early in his set. “Even though we speak different languages, I hope you hear my story.”

Get a sense of that bigger story with 10 extraordinary moments from J-Hope’s history-making set.

1. Verbal Jack in the Box introduction

In J-Hope’s first major performance Jack in the Box, the BTS star brought her solo album to life. After the lyrics to the album “Intro” played on a massive LED screen, fireworks went off in the Chicago night sky, and J-Hope jumped out of his own box to head to the center of the giant Bud Light stage.

2. Live Band Debuts With “More”

Already heavy on percussion and guitar elements, the opening track “More” was uplifted on her Lola debut with J-Hope’s live band. With a bassist, drummer, guitarist and keyboardist behind him, #HOBIPALOZA was much more musically special.

3. Curse!

Not only was J-Hope going to disappoint with his performance, but we got moments where the K-pop star got playful and made his mouth go wild as well. There was something so nice but cute, as the star told the crowd, “You guys are crazy” with a big smile on her face. Confirming screams all also pointed to the crowd loving it.

4. A BTS “Cypher” Moment

Some of the best moments at a BTS concert are when the group performs one of their tracks “Cypher”, which they have recorded since their earliest release in 2013. J-Hope got it back in the group O! RUL8,2? As J-Hope said, performing “BTS Cypher Pt.1” on the album, “old army out there.” But as soon as they started the electric reaction of the crowd showed that everyone involved was fun to be in.

5. Paying Honor to the Hip-Hop Greats

Throughout their career, BTS has done a great job of showing love to the hip-hop artists who have inspired them. One of the extraordinary tracks is on Jack in the Box, “What If…,” samples the classic Ol’ Dirty Bastard single “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”.And J-Hope includes a tribute to the departed wu tang clan The rapper showed his picture on the stage as soon as the song began.

Later in the set, after performing his lead single “Chicken Noodle Soup”, the K-pop star also gave a shout out to DJ Webstar and Young Bee, who had originally released sample songs for the track. J-Hope made the night not only about himself, but about the actors who allowed him to be on that stage.

6. Social messaging in “equal sign”

another standout Jack in the Box The anthem is “= (Equal Sign)” which includes the lyrics, “Hate will cripple your mind / Have to look the other way / It costs nothing to be kind.” J-Hope took a mic stand in the center of the song to sing “All Our Bodies Deserve Respect,” “Why Is It a Crime to Be Different?” As powerful statements were shown. and “Let’s come together.”

By never shying away from important social messages, BTS stands out from its peers. It was powerful to see J-Hope sing this track with relevant messages to thousands (if not millions, then including live streams) of people.

7. His Remix “Dynamite” Returns

After a quick costume change, J-Hope accompanied a troupe of dancers on stage (via Jack on his stage in the box, once upon a time) for a choreography-heavy performance of BTS’s Hot 100 No. 1 tropical remix of “Dynamite”. again) came back. During solo moments with and with his backup dancers, J-Hope hone his dancing skills and reset the mood.

8. Becky G’s Surprise Appearance

Becky G made a surprise appearance to give J-Hope the first live performance of their collaboration “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Becky didn’t miss a beat of the trilingual track’s playful choreography and showed why this set was a once in a lifetime moment.

9. Becky’s Sweet Speech

After her “CNS” performance, Becky G took some time to show her appreciation for her colleague. “As an artist, this moment right here means a lot to me,” she told the crowd. “So much for me because I am not only so honored to be here, but also very proud. I am so proud of you, [J-Hope], I am so grateful for our friendship and this opportunity.”

The gentle moment culminated with a big hug between the two, who undoubtedly recognized the importance of this major festival to artists who do not work in the mainstream of traditional music.

10. Shoutout to the band, the dancers and the military

No one will hold it against J-Hope if he gets overwhelmed with emotion or excitement by the end of his set. Still, Starr showed his professionalism and humility by making sure to introduce and thank all of his band members and their dancers by giving them a moment in the spotlight on stage. And, of course, he couldn’t finish without thanking his ARMY fans, who lit up Chicago’s Grant Park with his lightsaber bong.

Bonus: J-Hope and Jimin’s Live Stream Later

After #HOBIPALOOZA and the rest of Lollapalooza officially ended, J-Hope took to the group’s We Live account to conduct a live stream with fans and BTS members. Jimin, who were present in Chicago. Jimin praised his band mates—including how cool he was for swearing—and the two celebrated the milestone with their fans.

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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