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Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: March 2022

Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: March 2022

Greatest Experimental Music on Bandcamp: March 2022

By Marc Masters April 01, 2022

Every kind of experimental music will be discovered on Bandcamp: free jazz, avant-rock, dense noise, outer-bounds electronica, deconstructed people, summary spoken phrase, and way more. Whether or not an artist is making an attempt one thing new with a longtime kind or inventing a wholly new one, there is a good likelihood they’re doing it on Bandcamp. Each month, Marc Masters selects a few of the finest releases from this large exploratory spectrum. The March choice options long-distance collaboration, near-silent soundscapes, dizzying stylistic twists, and self-described “music without compromise.”

andPlay and Victoria Cheah
A butterfly on your shoulder in years and years to come

For his or her newest album, the New York duo andPlay commissioned a bit by Victoria Cheah, who writes in her notes to A butterfly in your shoulder in years and years to return that “clarity and noise are not opposites; both exist within each other and provide a context for the work of intentional attention.” That is definitely true of the way in which violinist Maya Bennardo and viola Hanna Levinson interpret Cheah’s composition, navigating by means of exact textures and brash blasts with equal aplomb. “Part II,” which occupies the second facet of the tape, is especially spectacular in the way in which Play maintains management of her piercing sounds, sawing by means of an interwoven dialogue that might legitimately be referred to as a thoughts meld.

havadian stone
old young

There are few artists whose work suits the outline of “ineffable” in addition to Havadine Stone of Chicago. His music exists between areas, generally even in a relentless state of withdrawal. Take “Tree Duet” nearer to the brand new album from him. outdated younger, which isn’t that removed from full silence. Small gusts of wind and unidentified rumbles drift out and in of the airway as if she had been mendacity on the grass in an empty area, staring up at a cloudless sky. Different items have extra readable sound sources: throughout “Slow Bath,” she even sings a bit a cappella, and the opening theme “Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Me On Me On Me On Me)” is filled with vocals that they resonate like recollections in somebody’s cranium. However the principle impression that Previous Younger offers is that of an artist fascinated by area and distance and taken with increasing what these phrases imply.


Brooklyn’s Hypersurface have solely performed collectively since 2018, and this self-titled album, recorded a 12 months later, is simply their first. However the 5 tracks right here sound just like the work of a band with an extended historical past, as guitarist Drew Wesely, cellist Lester St. Louis, and percussionist Carlo Costa weave their conversations fastidiously and confidently, aware of sonic element. On “The Binding Problem,” string scrapes, drum pricks, and unidentifiable clicks coalesce right into a miniature photo voltaic system. The bouncy “Scribbles of the Sky at Night” makes use of the rubbery motion of plucked strings to create kinetic power, whereas the 19-minute “Hard Gold to Love” demonstrates Hypersurface’s appreciable powers of focus.

music without compromise

David Wesley’s work as LXVI he has all the time been enigmatic, his intentions tantalizingly elusive. So the truth that he calls his newest launch evasive music appears nearly like an admission, a manner of claiming that if we hope to crack the code of his mysterious strategies, we’ll be disenchanted. However though all 4 tracks listed here are drenched in murky sonic fog, none of them are evasive in a pejorative sense. Wesley’s sluggish progressions and reverent atmospheres are transferring targets, blurry canvases that may change relying on the temper you throw at them. However components this good require actual dedication, the sort that has made LXV a mission price pursuing.

John Melillo and Ryan Wade Ruehlen
where the heart trembles

For John Melillo of Nova Scotia and Tucson Ryan Wade Ruehlen, collaboration has meant sharing sounds from afar or touring a protracted distance. On the double CD, 150 minutes the place the guts tremblesThey did each. The primary two items are 20-minute soundscapes during which Melillo and Ruehlen brainstorm, creating diverse sound journeys that really feel each pushed and sculpted. A 3rd piece is a dwell efficiency in Tucson, 45 minutes of ever-evolving atmospheres veering into pulse-pounding noise. On CD Two, every participant contributes two area recordings, an aural journey from the waves of Cape Breton to the monsoon rains of Tucson. These are fascinating, however the intersections in CD One do the place the guts trembles a piece worthy of a number of listenings.

out of date organs
obsolete organs

richard hoffman‘s earlier musical forays, significantly the noise-rock trio sightings—echoed by means of their first launch below the title Organs Out of date. The rolling punch that his bass enjoying supplied in that very important 2000s group is as distinctive as ever in these 9 instrumental items, which kind the spine of almost each monitor. However there are new concepts to be heard in out of date organs. Hoffman has by no means been one to accept a retread, however he likes repetition, and all through the album, persistent loops dig psychological beats. Maybe most intriguing are Hoffman’s murkier, much less earthy tracks, just like the hum of “Twin Dawns” and the darkish rattle of “Sick Betrayal,” a track that manages to be each hypnotically stress-free and oddly terrifying.

Whettman Helmets

Musical elegies are difficult; conveying inside emotions about one thing as difficult and inexplicable as grief appears nearly not possible. Whettman helmetsnewest Launch Of, Joan, accomplishes that job by specializing in a particular time interval: the final days of his grandmother’s life when he performed a few of his favourite gospel music for her. He then used that music as materials for a meditation on his closing journey, sampling and remodeling it into soulful atmospheres that match track titles like “This Realization of Impermanence is Terrifying” and “A Lifetime Condensed into a Small Stone and Considered.” You possibly can really feel loss and despair in these 13 reverential, nearly anthemic tracks, however the sense of hope is even higher. Chelmets transforms the aim of his grandmother’s life into one thing regenerative.

the worst spills
the worst spills

On the floor, Worst Spills seems to be a jazz group, however their self-titled debut album is so excessive that placing any label on them looks like a joke. It kicks off with an ambient digital monitor that switches between drones, samples, and noise, adopted by a rogue swamp jazz jam, then math jam that lands someplace between Captain Beefheart and Hal Russell. The remainder of the album continues down that bumpy street as a guitarist. joel nelsonsaxophonist Jacqui Cotillard, bassist Ryan Brown and drummer James Elliot drive off in all instructions with out ever breaking stride (except, in fact, they imply to). The outcomes are a curler coaster during which humor performs an vital position. Solely a really enjoyable band might make a track referred to as “Real Eyes Realize The Gelatin of My Dull Cow Eyes” sound like its title.

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