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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Benson Boone, Hailee Steinfeld, Charli XCX, Ash – Billboard

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Looking for some inspiration to power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Benson Boone, Hailee Steinfeld, Charli XCX and Ash will get you excited to kickstart this week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlist — or scroll through to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

Ash, “Take a Bath with My Clothes on”

For Ash, “Shower With My Clothes On” represents a feeling of being trapped, a moment when the world is so suffocating that you may not be comfortable in your own skin, no matter the context. The “Moral of the Story” singer fills her latest single with haunting details, such that she still can’t seem to find the stillness when the hook is envisioned. — Jason Lipschutz

TSHA feat. Oumou Sangare, “Water”

Fans of the late ’00s alternative dance movement led by artists such as Air France, The Tough Alliance and DeLorean will appreciate the lively new track from London-based artist TSHA with Oumo Sangare, which previews the upcoming album. Capricorn Sun, You’d be hard-pressed to find a more upbeat moment than this week’s 3:30 mark of “Water,” when the song’s slow buildup finally reaches its peak. – JL

Noah Guy, “2 Dogs 1 Leash”

“2 Dogs 1 Leash” is a nod to Philly native Noah Guy’s growing relationship woes and unclear future, but the track is full of ideas—hear how backing harmonies deal with the boy’s emotional pain before taking center stage. Supporters serve as exasperating questions. , zipping over the programmed beats and drowning out its clarity. Support her for being both soulful and inventive here. – JL

Benson Boone, “Nights Like These”

your new take me home… From the first note on the EP, Benson Boone’s “Nights Like This” is a break-up song to help you heal—from the first note, his voice effortlessly conveys the pain of acceptance. It’s perfect for a road trip playlist, especially for those looking to make a fresh start.– Crystal B Shepard

Lauren Spencer-Smith, “Narcissist”

Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Narcissist” is the voice of your best friend assuring you that you’re not crazy. After her breakthrough hit “Fingers Crossed” and the follow-up “Flowers”, Spencer-Smith is creating songs that will sound familiar to those who love someone who can’t love you back. and soundtracks the treatment. – CBS

Max, “Wasabi”

Max’s “Wasabi”—released before their North American title dates this fall—mixes ’70s R&B rhythms with electronica club vibes. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect reminder to always dance. , CBS

Hailee Steinfeld feat. Anderson. culinary, “coast”

Pop star Hailee Steinfeld’s first taste of new music in two years is interestingly less flashy than previous hits, instead opting for relaxed, catchy production. Perfect for the end of summer, find “Coast” Steinfeld and first-time collaborator Anderson as the days start to cool. With Steinfeld singing, Pak bottles up the spirit of the relationship’s accidental start, “Relax and let Riptide get closer to you,” as if the desire to encapsulate all the seasons has to offer before it ends. — Lindsay Havens

Precious, “Curious”

The latest from rising artist Precious, a Nigerian-American pop singer-songwriter based in Tennessee, shows off her crisp and airy vocal range, which contrasts with the song’s punchier production. Living up to its name, “Curious” clocks in in a quick two minutes, leaving listeners eager for more to come from the budding artist. – LH

Quarter of Change, “Sex”

New York City-based, four-piece alternative band Quarters of Change has released their debut album, in the crack, after sharing several singles throughout the year. With the advent of the new LP, the slow-burning, psychedelic track “Sex” highlights the depth of the group’s range as musicians. Ben Rotters delivers the song with a languid flair, creating a rapturous crescent in the chorus of blissful — and deeply intimate — moments shared with a lover. – Star Bowenbank

Charli XCX, “Hot Girl (Body Body Bodies)”

Charli XCX and party music go together like bread and butter, and the new track “Hot Girl (Body Bodies Bodies)”—their second offering this year is all about looking good and being unapproachable (see: “Hot Girl” with Tiesto) in it”) – is not an exception. Song to be featured in A24’s new horror/comedy film bodies bodies bodiesWatch the pop artist speak smack on a booming bass that’s perfect for a nightclub or blast from a car speaker at full volume, pick up your venom. – sb

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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