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Bebe Rexha, ITZY Yeji & Ryujin’s ‘Break My Heart Myself’ Remix: Listen – Billboard

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one of babe rexhaMost individual songs are getting a new life thanks to viral K-pop dance performances.

heyn June 10, ITZY Members Yeji and Ryujin gave a mesmerizing dance performance to Rexha’s track “Break My Heart Myself”, which opens from their 2021 album. better mistakes This description deals with her mental health and experiences with bipolar disorder.

Filmed for Korea-based dance channel Studio Chum, the intricately intense production immediately garnered more than 25 million views and the attention of Babe, with K-pop fans, and beyond, to date. The singer left a comment on the YouTube video, Saying“You girls killed it!!!”

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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Bebe continued to show love for the cover on her social media and as of June 13, shared on twitter that his “label is promoting [the] The song is now in South Korea” due to the cover, “I’m so grateful for you guys.”

On June 14, Yeji and Ryujin thanked Rexha for the comments, Add, “It was a pleasure performing with your wonderful song.”

A few days after their exchange, Babe and ITZY Revealed on his Twitter account That they had “exciting news”, and now fans have a new remix of “Break My Heart Myself” featuring the “Sneakers” singers.

Released on July 29, the rawness of Bebe’s original remains intact, with Yeji and Ryujin adding a new second verse, where they share how “some days feel like a misfit / Sometimes, I can mess up / But, well, I’m doing my best,” to finally declare that “I’ll be fine.”

While their direct experiences may vary, there is no doubt that both Rexha and ITZY members can relate to the mental pressure and suffering heightened by superstardom, which makes the couple all the more powerful. The admiration that the artists show for each other makes it all the more strong as a song.

Overall, the cover helped breathe new life into “Break My Heart Myself” (Rex has shared ongoing streaming and Shazam updates for the track on his socials), and this new remix shows off the exciting synergy that’s in the works. -Pop co-signs.

Check out the official lyrics – with both English and Korean lyrics – below:

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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