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Anthony Kiedis weighs in on Will Smith’s Oscar slap – Billboard

red Hot Chili Peppers Visited howard sternThe SiriusXM show on Tuesday (April 5) to talk about their new album, play some songs and weigh the heaviness they’re feeling in the wake of it Foo Fighters drummer death of taylor hawkins, Stern was particularly eager, however, to hear his thoughts on the slap being heard around the world, especially since his friend Chris Rock joins the band in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

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“Too much has already been said,” singer Anthony Kiedis paused when Stern first attempted to make his point. Oscar event where Will Smith slaps The Rock On stage after the actor-comedian joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair.

“We love Chris Rock and I’ll stand up and say he shouldn’t have been slapped,” John Frusciante said of the immediately viral moment when Smith was rocking “gi gen 2“Quiet. (Rock was unaware that Pinkett Smith suffered from the autoimmune disorder alopecia, which causes hair loss.)

“I love comedy. I like comedians and I like to be angry,” Kiedis finally chimed in. “Even though he wasn’t aggressive in that moment… I hope he offends me in another moment. Because I think it’s healthy, to be angry and to be considerate. Comedy has to exist without too much violence.” have the right.”

The tour also touched on the long-standing friendship between RHCP drummer Chad Smith and the late Foo Fighter Hawkins, with Smith telling a sweet story about the nature of their bond.

“I love Taylor. He was one of my best friends,” said Smith, who recently decorated his drum kit with a tribute to his friend. “We still grieve his passing. Shocked and deeply saddened,” he reminded Stern how much Hawkins loved the SiriusXM radio host and appreciated his often probing, personal questions.

“And he loved life and was a real lighthouse and full of positive energy. I’m going to miss him dearly,” he continued, playing with the Foo Fighters in the late 1990s and early 2000s Remembering the many shows of Chili Peppers gone. “We spent a lot of time together. I love his family and just trying to be there for him … and not just musicians from everywhere, but people [from] All walks of life showed how much he was loved. ,

Smith said that when he asked Hawkins to be his son Beckett’s godfather, the fuzz drummer said excitedly, “Yeah! Of course! Yes! What am I supposed to do?” And when Smith said “nothing really,” Hawkins was even more nominated. “Okay, great I can do that!” He promised, according to the drummer.

“He was beautiful and we are all going to miss him… I love him,” Smith said. Not only did they bond about being the drummer, but the rocker said they also bonded about being in a long-lasting band and still touring and playing, as well as three around the same age. Were married with children.

Watch the video of Smith’s tribute to Hawkins, as well as the band talking about Nirvana and touring with guitarist John Frusciante, explaining how he got back into the fold.

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