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Alexa reveals how she got on stage on NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’

Alexa reveals how she got on stage on NBC's 'American Song Contest'
  • Alexa is a K-pop solo artist who represents her home state of Oklahoma in NBC’s “American Song Contest”.
  • He debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with the single “Bomb”.
  • His career, which has included several competition shows, prepared him to compete on “ASC”.

Moments after the end of her performance on “American Song Contest”, Alexa lies in a pit of foam.

The 25-year-old is holding her breath after a spectacular, deliberate fall from an on-stage set piece. As the final notes of her performance echo, she catches her breath—and begins to grumble at her performance to hosts Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson (Snoop calls K-pop his “guilty pleasure”).

“I’ve been discussed by two veterans, and here I am, hyperventilating in this foam pit while I wait to be off-stage,” Alexa told Insider. Insider, reflects on her performance several days later. “It’s like wow, blessing.”

Born Alexandra Schneiderman, 25, of Oklahoma, has had a whirlwind career that has taken her from Tulsa to Seoul and back again. After debuting as a solo artist in October 2019 under the stage name Alexa, she is now representing her home state in the NBC music competition series, which is modeled after Eurovision,

Days after her performance at the premiere of “American Song Contest,” Alexa told Insider that the experience was already unforgettable. She has since reached the semi-finals of the competition based on a fan and national jury vote.

“I would be happy to perform again for anyone who is willing to watch,” she said.


Since its debut in 2019, Alexa’s discography has expanded from anthemic bangers like in 2020″Revolution“For more light-hearted pop tracks like 2021’s “Extras.” His music videos, produced by his company Zannibros, are high-concept, often portraying him as a sort of AI messiah revolutionizing a futuristic dystopia. lead the.

“Wonderland,” her “Esc” competition single, leans slightly into that idea, with a robotic voice introducing her to the top of the track. according to billboard, the track was written by Albin Nordquist, Allen Berg, Mo Karlbecker, Andreas Karlsson and Bekuh Boom. It’s a fusion of pop, Latin and K-pop, and her theatrical discography feels at home.

“It just has a mysterious vibe, it’s intrigue in the beginning,” she told Insider. “And then when it goes into soft focus with ‘pulling strings on my heart’ at the beginning, it’s like, ‘Oh, what are we doing?’

Alexa performing on stage at the American Song Contest: she is dancing, wearing an elaborate white dress, on a red-light stage with ribbons falling down from the ceiling

Alexa performs at the premiere of “American Song Contest” on March 21, 2022.

Trai Patton/NBC

Alexa’s career as a K-pop artist — and the competitive road she took in her debut — has prepared her for her current run on the “American Song Contest” as something unique.

In 2016, Alexa signed on as the first apprentice under Zanybros, a production company that produced countless K-pop music videos, after winning “Rising Legends: Season 2”, an online talent search competition run by Sompy and Cube Entertainment. has produced.

Her profile began to rise after she participated in the 2018 idol survival show “Produce 48”, which eventually led to the creation of the project group IZ*ONE. While he was not selected as a member of IZ*ONE’s final lineup, he made his debut as a solo artist in October 2019 with the single “Bomb”.

“‘Produce’ was my first real taste of television competition,” Alexa told Insider. “And that was definitely a big, scary time for me, but it was an amazing experience that’s definitely helping me now at ‘ASC’, in my career in general, learn about stage presence.” Learn how to present your voice properly with a microphone, whether it’s a headset or a handheld, to dance and sing properly at the same time.”

From “Produce 48” to countless performances on Korean music shows such as M! Countdown And inkigayoTelevision was a familiar sport. One element of “ASC”, however, was less familiar territory after debuting at the peak of a global pandemic – its live audience.

“It was the first live audience I had in such a long time,” Alexa told Insider. “I had to mentally prepare for, ‘Okay, don’t wait because you’re in front of people for the first time in two years.’ It was very nerve-wracking.”

Despite the nerves, his performance was enough to earn him a spot in “ASC’s” semifinals through a combination of national jury and fan votes, giving him the opportunity to represent Oklahoma in the competition at least once again. In the process, she is not only representing K-pop on the typical American platform of the competition, but also Korean-Americans like her who are also working in the K-pop industry.

“There are a lot of Korean-Americans, Korean-Canadians, other people who are in the industry themselves,” she said. “I mean, here we are, hoping that we’re making our home states proud, our home cities proud, or even home countries proud for that matter.”

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