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music, theater, cinema and a space to talk about love

music, theater, cinema and a space to talk about love

During the summer, the Recoleta Cultural Center installs its free and outdoor activities agenda under the name of Summer Love.

Tuesday to Sunday, there will be recitals on the terrace and in the patios, plays and open-air cinema, talks about love, fairs, Rap Culture, Beatbox, Tardes Clave 13/17, performance readings and exhibitions in visual arts rooms, among many other proposals.

From Saturday, January 8, you will be able to participate in the activities and admission is by reservation as capacity is limited. Reservations for any of the functions and workshops are purchased at centroculturalrecoleta.org.

Summer music in the city

On Fridays, music will be the protagonist with Sing with your heart, a cycle on the terrace, always at 9 pm, in which the following will participate in January: Santi Celli (the 14th), Sofía Campos (the 21st) and Rosario Ortega (the 28th). And in February Ani Espil (the 4th), Florian (the 11th) and Las Sombras (the 18th).

Rosario Ortega Will Perform With Her Music On The Recoleta Terrace.  Photo: Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

Rosario Ortega will perform with her music on the Recoleta terrace. Photo: Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

It will also develop Unplugged love, a series of acoustic concerts in the patios, always at 19. The first date, January 14, will be presented the soloist María Ezquiaga (founder of Rosal) and the multifaceted Dennis Smith.

This cycle will also feature the singer-songwriter Mica Basadoni, the pop artist Paz Carrara; the musician and illustrator Pitucardi, the former member of the Julio y Agosto orchestra, Mogue; Julián Desbats, (ex frontman of Lxs Rusxs HDP), Marton Marton; as well as two vocalists from the local independent scene, María Codino and Lola Cobach; the troubadour Chechi de Marcos and the all-terrain Kastiello.

Digital folklore for relaxation

Sundays in January and February are for relaxing on the terrace with Diamond Afternoons, a new cycle of digital folklore and downtempo with DJ Villa Diamante as host. On each date, the founder of ZIZEK Club and producer of mashups Known for mixing popular genres, it will feature guest artists.

The Recoleta Summer Cup will continue with two dates in January (Sunday 9 and 23) and another two in February (Sunday 6 and 20). Whoever is in the first position at the conclusion of the freestyle tournament organized by Juancín, will obtain 10,000 points for promotion to FMS, the freestyle competition league most important in the country.

El Recoleta, With Outdoor Shows On The Terrace And Patio.  Photo: Courtesy El Recoleta.

El Recoleta, with outdoor shows on the terrace and patio. Photo: Courtesy El Recoleta.

On the other hand, the Summer Beatbox Tournament It will have two dates in the Patio del Aljibe: Saturday, January 29 and Saturday, February 26 at 4:00 p.m.

Theater and cinema also exist

On Wednesdays it will take place Theater air, a cycle that brings together works that address different aspects of love. January 12 is presented Look at us like this until we die, directed by Dalia Elnecavé, which will perform three more performances on January 19 and 26 and February 2. On Wednesday, February 9, you will see Falling in love is talking short and tangledby Leandro Airaldo; that repeats function on February 16.

For its part, the open air cinema program Movie loves offers three independent Argentine films about love affairs and misunderstandings that can be enjoyed on the terrace: Las Vegas, by Juan Villegas (Wednesday, January 12), Cetaceans Florence Percia (Wednesday, January 19) and The magic gloves, by Martín Rejtman (Wednesday, February 16).

Love in words

There will also be a cycle of talks about love, Speaking to the heart, which begins on February 2 at 7:30 p.m., on the terrace, with Love is in the air: how to write love poems, with Fabián Casas. The writer and journalist will address different aspects that go into writing a love poem, and how to put into words what is felt in the body.

The Recoleta In Summer, All The Shows In The Open Air.  Photo: Courtesy El Recoleta.

The Recoleta in summer, all the shows in the open air. Photo: Courtesy El Recoleta.

On Wednesday 9, the journalist Maia Debowicz will open the debate on the relationship between cinema, romantic series and love ties in older adults in the talk-workshop Love is not just a young thing.

Environment, fairs and other herbs

Every Tuesday, from January 11, there will be workshops related to drawing, comics, memes and others related to the environment and their care, such as the native plant workshop. Paula Boffo, Lucila Gradin, La Watson, Pedro Mancini, Paula Andrade, Lino Divas, and Sonia Basch will participate.

The cycle of fairs on Saturday afternoons begins on January 8 with Fire, dedicated to design, collage, illustration, photography and music. Follow the 22 with Nimia + friends, oriented to graphic art in its multiple formats and devised by Guillermina Ygelman and José Sainz.

On February 5 it will be the turn of Meet & Print Vol. V, organized by House of Prints and with a focus on screen printing. Finally, the 19 will arrive Supernova Fest, which will bring together publications and works of visual arts by local and international authors and artists, organized by Titihoon, cartoonist, illustrator and producer.

What’s more you can enjoy the Silent party, performance and Biennial readings in concert, a cycle that presents young musicians selected in the call for Bands and Soloists of Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires. You will also be able to use the workspace and reading patio, the drawing room and visit the visual arts exhibitions.


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