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Mrs. Rosa reveals which of her children has more money

  • Señora Rosa confesses what no one would have imagined
  • Jenni Rivera’s mother reveals which of her 5 children has more money
  • “Wealthy to steal”, some users say

Lupillo, Rosie or Juan? Gustavo or Pedro Jr? In one of his most recent posts on his official YouTube channel YoutubeMrs. Rosa, also known by many as The Great Lady or simply for being Jenni Rivera’s mother, reveals which of her 5 children has the most money, although she is not spared from criticism.

With more than 200,000 subscribers on her social networks, Doña Rosa frequently uploads videos where she shares exquisite cooking recipes while telling anecdotes about her family, almost always accompanied by her former husband and father of her children, Don Pedro Rivera.

Señora Rosa does not hesitate to reveal the unexpected

Señora Rosa does not hesitate to reveal the unexpected

From the kitchen of her home, Mrs. Rosa received on this occasion her youngest daughter, Rosie Rivera, who commented that she had been on vacation since that day, to which her brother Juan, whose voice is only heard, also said that he would do the same without waiting for their answer.

“He is always in Culiacán (Sinaloa, in Mexico) on vacation”, to which the youtuber clarified that he does it for work reasons. Rosie told her father that that day, from a call she made and an email she sent, she had already done her work. Mrs. Rosa just limited herself to listening carefully.

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