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Mrs. Rosa is ‘fed up’ and threatens not to continue being silent in the confront of accusations with Don Pedro Rivera (Online video)

  • Jenni Rivera’s mom ‘exploded’
  • He warned not to stay silent
  • Guard your integrity and that of your children

The mother of singer Jenni Rivera has arrived at her restrict, now she launches a robust warning for individuals who assault her or her young children. It is Mrs. Rosa, who is ‘fed up’ and threatens not to continue being silent in the deal with of accusations versus Don Pedro Rivera.

A video clip fragment in which Señora Rosa and Don Pedro Rivera (dad and mom of the deceased ‘Diva de la banda’) seem has begun to go viral. And it is that right after the controversy that arose thanks to statements by Don Pedro’s spouse, it looks that the conflict is just beginning.

Mrs. Rosa is ‘fed up’ and threatens not to preserve quiet

Mrs. Rosa is 'fed up' and threatens not to keep quiet

After latest remarks by Juanita Ahumada (wife of Don Pedro), a sturdy information from Doña Rosa was spread by @Chamonic’s Instagram. “Out there they are chatting about my kids and they are speaking about me, and I am not likely to continue to be silent,” explained Jenni Rivera’s mom.

“I am going to do an interview and we are going to see who we can shut up. I have not messed with anybody, I commenced performing with Mr. Rivera, they lie when they say that in ‘Mariposa de Barrio’ we slept alongside one another simply because we are separated”. “I’m going to shut up, nobody has anything at all to say about me, I am a first rate woman,” he commented.

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