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Movistar Fri Music is back with Los Pericos at Ciudad Cultural Konex and Duki at Movistar Arena

Movistar Fri Music is back with Los Pericos at Ciudad Cultural Konex and Duki at Movistar Arena

Los Pericos & Friends, on December 1 at the Konex Cultural City (Sarmiento 3131), and Duki on the 12th, at the Movistar Arena (Humboldt 450), will mark the return to the presence of the Movistar Fri Music, after the forced change of plans that were forced by the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After a 2020 marked by virtuality, the band headed by Juanchi Baleirón will add special guests such as Kevin Johansen, Emmanuel Horvilleur, Juliana Gattas and Ale Sergi (Miranda!), Lula Bertoldi (Eruca! Sativa), Nestor Ramljak (Nonpalidece) and Mono (Kapanga) among others.

Later, Duki, one of the great references of the Argentine and Latin American trap scene, will disembark for the first time at the stadium in the Villa Crespo neighborhood.

A benchmark of the genre

Turned to one of the most listened to Argentine artists on the planet, which remained 24 weeks in the number 1 position in Argentina and led the rankings in Latin America, the rag continues to dabble in new genres and styles with each release.

Duki, One Of The Greatest Exponents Of The Urban Genre, Will Be Part Of The Harlem Festival That Will Take Place At The Belgrano Station, Santa Fe. Photo: Gentileza Matias Petrucelli.

Duki, one of the greatest exponents of the urban genre, will be part of the Harlem Festival that will take place at the Belgrano Station, Santa Fe. Photo: Gentileza Matias Petrucelli.

Since its appearance on the scene, “EL DUKI” has opened a path for many new artists who today managed to earn a place in the world of urban genres. With 122 million views of his theme Drip in Youtube and another 104 million reproductions of the song on Spotify, the 25-year-old singer is undoubtedly a reference in his own way.

Also, precisely because Drip received two nominations for the Latin Grammy 2020, as Best rap / hip hop song, and with Bad Bunny and Pablo Chill-E for their collaboration in Let’s talk tomorrow.

His second album, Since the end of the world, was Spotify’s Top Debut Album globally and its 18 songs entered the Top 200 Argentina. On his third tour of Spain in July 2021, he sold out places in Madrid and Barcelona. In October 2021, I presented Unfollow, second preview with J Quiles and Bizarrap of their new project Reggaetón Season.

Creole Reggae

Before, next Wednesday, December 1, the appointment will be at the Ciudad Cultural Konex with Los Pericos & Friends, an event that will bring together special guests and the band that imposed reggae in Argentina, reviewing in an unmissable show, themes from his career and classics of the genre.

Formed in 1986, two years later the band released their first self-titled album, with 180,000 copies sold that made it the best-selling album of 1988, and introduced reggae in Spanish to a mass audience.

The Movistar Fri Music Returns To Its Face-To-Face Format With Los Pericos & Friends At Ciudad Cultural Konex.  Photo Press Mfm

The Movistar Fri Music returns to its face-to-face format with Los Pericos & Friends at Ciudad Cultural Konex. Photo Press MFM

From then on, and up to the present, Los Pericos released another 14 albums, performed throughout America and garnered awards, public favor, and critical acclaim. In 2004, its singer until then, Bahiano, left the group and the guitarist Juanchi Baleirón assumed the leading voice; a change that prompted the beginning of a new stage.

Parakeets carry more than 3 million records sold and 3000 live performances on stages in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, United States, Venezuela, Canada, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Salvador and Peru, consolidated their position as one of the most important bands in the music scene. from Latin America.

Tickets for both shows will be free and free for Movistar clients. Those of the Konex show are already available, while to see Duki they will be available from Monday, November 29.

For those who do not get tickets, both events will be broadcast via streaming on the brand’s YouTube channel.


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