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Movistar Arena. Mau and Ricky will sing in

Movistar Arena.  Mau and Ricky will sing in

There is good news for their fans, who don’t stop growing, and this news is yet another proof if we consider where they will be performing…

We’re talking about the multi-award winning Venezuelan singers and songwriters Maui and Ricky brothers, who garner millions of followers with their lyrics and interpretation of their songs, making their audiences vibrate in each of their shows. Oh yeah, plus, there’s this reminder in their history: that they’re the “children of Ricardo Montaner,” of course.

Within the framework of a new version of Movistar Fri Music, they will perform Wednesday May 25 – from 20 -.

Mau and Ricky Montaner, "Pure Mask" at the Billboard Awards in Miami.  photo ef

Mau and Ricky Montaner, “Pure Mask” at the Billboard Awards in Miami. photo ef

It is known that in recent months, Mau and Ricky have become synonymous with “network fury”, “thousands of followers”, a boom that not only made them musical idols. Next we have to talk about TV. beginning of last year participated as a coach in The Voice Kids MexicoTo provide our experience and support to the new generations. not to mention of his passing voice of argentina,

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Maui Wai Ricky has managed to maintain a strong digital presence thanks to its commitment to its fans. add more now 16 million followers in their social networks, more than 12 million listeners The number of their videos on Spotify monthly and on YouTube . More than 2 billion views,

expand latin pop

As artists and songwriters, his hit songs are heard around the world. He wrote the hit song no pajamas With Becky G and Natty Natasha, Maui Wai Ricky’s debut album, For adventures and curiositieshas been reproduced over 4 billion Many a times on digital platforms it is the album that contains great hits like Unknown You mouth,

The Montaner Clan: Colombian with Ivaluna, Maui and Ricky and "The Godfather", Ricardo.  photo ef

The Montaner Clan: Colombian with Ivaluna, Maui and Ricky and “The Godfather”, Ricardo. photo ef

Maui y Ricky continued to push the boundaries of Latin pop and urban music with the release of their groundbreaking second album. refresh, first single potato Received platinum certification in the United States and Latin America. and they continue to achieve success with releases like bad habit (With Marie Becerra), With Cannot be doner (with eladio carrion), viral . with turn on camera rmfmk’s x (with .) Tiago PZK,

and not a trivial fact

For those who cannot attend, You can download Movistar’s YouTube . You can enjoy singing through streaming from,

How are you my brother…

That’s what they both did. bugle Not so long ago:

“My relationship with my brother is very calm. It’s not perfect but we’ve been working together for so long and being brothers We had to find a formula for peace there. Between all the visits, when you’re tired, when you’ve been seeing each other 24/7 on tour for a year and a half, you might have some friction. Ricky and I base our entire relationship on respect and admiration for each other. But other than that, we have silly discussions,” says Mau.

The children of Ricardo Montaner always wanted to dedicate themselves to music like their father and the idea of ​​being a solo artist never crossed their mind. ,From a very young age we knew we wanted to be a couple, because we used to admire a band of brothers named Servando and Florentino. We always wanted to be like him, we always wanted to sing together. What started as a sport started to get more serious, until it just happened that we decided to be a pair,” explains Ricky.


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