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Zoey’s extraordinary playlist maker and hopeful for more movies

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musical comedy series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlists It had an incredibly loyal fanbase and earned positive reviews from critics, but it was canceled by NBC after only two seasons. The Roku Channel helped its Season 2 cliffhangers wrap up the series with a holiday movie called Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, which earned an Emmy nomination and created even more excitement about the show. Naturally, people are wondering if there will be more movies or holiday specials in the future.

Austin Winsberg, Producer Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlistsrecently talked Diversity More about Emmy nominations and the franchise’s potential future. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Winsberg said he had “a million stories left to tell”. Zoe’s Universe, and it will absolutely continue the holiday movie trend for as long as a network or service wants to pay for them.

“There’s an endless amount of love songs that could work Zoey’s Extraordinary Valentine’s Daya bunch of scary songs we can use for Zoey’s Extraordinary Halloween,” he explained. “If anyone wants to make a movie about Arbor Day, I’d be happy to think of songs about trees and nature!”

During the same interview, Winsberg opened up about bringing Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas For Roku and after Season 2 to really take the opportunity to shut down fans.

“We ended Season 2 in a big way, but we had a lot of new stories we still wanted to tell. To be able to make a resolution, give fans clarity and a chance to live with these characters one more time. Means everything to me,” Winsberg said.

“It was definitely a daunting task,” he continued. “It was important to make the film accessible so that audiences who haven’t seen the original show can enjoy it as well. At the same time, we knew there were many loose threads that needed to be addressed through a structure that felt authentic. Not like one movie and two big episodes of a show.”

do you want to see more movies Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlists in future? Tell us in the comments!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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