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Winona Ryder’s new thriller Gone in the Night gets its trailer

While Winona Ryder may have starred in a variety of macabre projects such as Beetle Juice, Edward ScissorhandsAnd Dracula Earlier in his career, the actor has seen a major resurgence in the horror world in recent years, thanks to starring as Joyce Byers. strange things, The Netflix series isn’t the only disturbing story that viewers can watch Ryder participate in, as he also starred in the all-new thriller. gone into the night, which just earned the trailer below. You can watch the trailer for gone into the night Before watching the film in theaters on July 15 and on digital and on demand on August 5.

The film is described, “Upon arriving at a remote cabin in the Redwoods, Cath (Winona Ryder) and her boyfriend (John Gallagher Jr.) find a mysterious young couple (Owen Teague and Brian Tzu) already there – rent Is apparently double booked. With nowhere else to go, they decide to share the cabin with these strangers. When her boyfriend mysteriously disappears with the young woman, Cath becomes obsessed and ends up with a enlists an unlikely supporter (Dermot Mulroney) to find an explanation for their sudden breakup – but the truth is stranger than she could have ever imagined.”

The film was written by Matthew Darby and Eli Horowitz, with Horowitz also serving as director. went to nighuT was premiered earlier this year by the Southwest Film Festival under the title “The Cow”.

Christy Puchko Mashable Of the film at the time, he said, “The change in genre and mind-bending flashbacks make it impossible to predict where [Gone in the Night] Will take us. So, like Kath, we’re incredibly eager and onboard for the ride. The sharp supporting cast of Gallagher, Tzu, Mulroney and Owen Teague create a landscape of visionary generations, from world-weary Gen Zers to FOMO-driven Millennials to take-no-sh-tee zoomers. Within a tightly woven character drama, [Gone in the Night] builds a tense discourse about the generation gap, then pushes the cracks of that conflict to the satirical breakpoint of a grim but engaging fantasy.”

gone into the night In theaters on July 15 and on digital and on demand on August 5.

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