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Widely hated horror sequel climbing Netflix charts

When recent movies hit Netflix, especially those that are part of a franchise, they do really well for the streamer. Whether it’s action movies with an A-list star or comedies from popular actors, movies from the past decade or movies that didn’t make waves in theaters sometimes find a second life in the streaming world. it seems that this is what is happening Brahms: The Boy IIA sequel which was released during the pandemic to horrific reviews.

Brahms: The Boy IIsequel Boybut has a terrible 11% score rotten tomatoess, and just 44% from the audience. It was immediately disliked by critics and fans and many forgot about it almost immediately. Now that it’s on Netflix, though, brahmus is starting to catch on with some people who missed it the first time.

The film was recently added to Netflix and has already made it to the streamer’s list of top 10 movies. Shows Monday’s version of the list brahmus As the seventh most popular film on the entire service.

You can check out the list of Monday’s Netflix Top 10 Movies below!

1. Hustle

(Photo: Netflix)

“When a failed basketball scout finds a potential superstar in Spain, he sets out to prove that they both have what it takes to make it in the NBA.”


2. Interceptor


“The last officer standing at a remote missile defense base fought for his life against terrorists targeting 16 stolen nuclear weapons in the US.”


3. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol


“Super-agent Ethan Hunt and his team embark on another deadly mission to prove their innocence when they prepare to bomb the Kremlin.”


4. Chicken Hat and Hamster of Darkness

“A brave young animal explorer teaming up with two trusted friends to find a powerful artifact can make his greedy uncle get his claws on it.”


5. The Amazing Spider-Man

(Photo: Sony Pictures)

“In this reboot of the hit superhero franchise, high schooler Peter Parker learns to use his newfound powers while facing off arch-villain The Lizard.”


6. Titanic

“On a doomed luxury liner, first class passenger Rose finds the love of a lifetime when she falls for penniless artist Jack as disaster strikes.”


7. Brahma: The Boy II

“On the heels of the trauma, a couple relocate to a remote estate, where their young son is tied up with a doll that is too lively—and possibly too evil.”


8. 10,000 BC

“The fierce giant hunter D’Leh embarks on an impossible journey to save the woman he loves from a vicious chieftain and rescue the people of his village.”


9. Hurt Locker

“During the Iraq War, an army sergeant finds himself in trouble with his team because of his cynical personality and reckless methods of explosive disposal.”


10. Dumb and Stupid

“A loving idiot and his fiery best friend become embroiled in a criminal scheme as they attempt to return a briefcase to its charming owner.”


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Reference from comicbook.com

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