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Who plays Bruce Campbell?

Who plays Bruce Campbell?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness The blockbuster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently playing in theaters. The film marks not only the franchise’s biggest foray into multiverse storytelling tropes, but also director Sam Raimi’s long-awaited return to the world of comic book movies, following his work on Sony’s Spider-Man trilogy. Raimi has become a fan-favorite over the years for her very different work across multiple genres, as well as the various tropes and staples she puts into every project. One of those mainstays has been some sort of appearance from his friend and frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell, who has been rumored to be involved. variety of madness, So, Bruce Campbell is in variety of madness – And what role does he play? spoiler for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness below! If you want to know, just watch it!

The film follows an action-packed adventure through the multiverse with Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and America Chavez (Xochital Gomez), who at one point sees them falling in and out of different universes. Eventually, the pair end up in a reality called Earth-838, which appears to be a more utopian, technologically advanced world. America begins to eat a bowl of “pizza balls” (which are literally pieces shaped like pizza balls) from a street vendor, and comments to Strange about how free food is in most of the universes he has visited. This then attracts the ire of a street vendor (played by Campbell), who introduces himself as “Pizza Papa” and becomes upset that he didn’t pay for the food. Strange surprises him by casting a spell that causes him to repeatedly punch himself in the face—a spell that will apparently last for several weeks.

Audience see Campbell again variety of madness‘ The final scene after the credits, when Pizza Papa finally stops punching himself in the face, causing him to look straight at the camera and say “It’s over!”

The cameo comes after months of fans speculating about Campbell’s cameo in the film, a fire that was fueled only by Campbell, often trolling fans by suggesting that he was from the alternate Doctor Strange from the Evil Dead movies. Till Ash can play anything. Campbell also recently hinted that her appearance in the film could very well have been left on the cutting room floor, something that fortunately was not the case.

“It’s hard with Marvel movies, it’s even harder to lie because I can be caught up in my lies as a liar. If I told you I think I’m not in it, I might still be in it, Said earlier on Campbell radio maze podcast. “They make about 86 of these movies at the same time, so Sam Raimi also had to film additional material that wasn’t in the original script. ‘Cause now we’re going to bring in Captain Stinko, and introduce him at the end Because we are going to take him here.’ So they always have to add and subtract as they go.”

“Even if I had to do an important cameo — because I only do important cameos, and I can explain if you watch it — we won’t really know the answer until May,” Cambell said. . “if I were [Doctor Strange actor] Benedict Cumberbatch, I’d worry I’d be cut out.”

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