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What’s the Deal with Evil Strange?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Offers a whole bunch of variants. But, what’s the deal with the wicked weirdo shown in the trailers. OK, Sinister Strange plays a role, but probably not what you’re thinking of. *for spoilers variety of madness to follow.* Well, she is not the main villain of this story for starters, she will be Wanda Maximoff. But, he squares off with Supreme, a former MCU magician. His creepy third eye comes from messing with Darkhold to find a universe where he can steal his version of Christine Palmer. In this ruined universe, his love was taken away by the pride of messing with the cursed book. The MCU’s Doctor Strange ironically ends up with a similar third eye (Agamoto’s) by the end of the film. if so what…? Fans will have to wait to see Strange Supreme later, because it definitely wasn’t him.

Benedict Cumberbatch told JOE.ie that this time had a lot to adjust with. “There’s so much to investigate, explain and absorb,” he said. “But there’s a sort of propulsion to the end, which is pretty cool like the last third. When we started shooting in typical Marvel fashion it was very up in the air. It really comes together brilliantly.”

“It’s terrible in a movie, and I think it should have momentum from the beginning,” Cumberbatch said. “How little I’ve seen about it, I worry that when stuff happens we’re sitting and talking because I feel like we should be doing stuff now. But, then I’m in the film and I’m doing it in retrospect. I know. So, I’m the worst judge of it. So, I think there are definitely moments where you as an audience can hold your breath and you need to.”

here is the gist for it Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: “In order to restore a world where everything is changing, Strange enlists the help of his ally Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, and Wanda, the most powerful scarlet witch of the Avengers. But humanity and the entire universe are under threat. Which can no longer happen. Done by his power alone. Even more surprising is that the greatest threat in the universe looks exactly like Doctor Strange.”

When do you think we’ll see Strange next? Tell us below in the comments!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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