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What Does Batgirl’s Shelving Mean for the DC Series on HBO Max?

On Tuesday, fans of DC’s live-action multiverse were in for a big surprise when it was announced that Warner Bros. was shelving the film starring Leslie Grace. bat girl Movies. The film, which had already wrapped production, was expected to be released exclusively on HBO Max, but will no longer be released at all, reportedly as part of changes to DC’s larger film slate. The studio largely wants to focus on blockbuster movies intended for theaters rather than streaming. It’s a decision that has raised a lot of questions about what this could mean for other film projects, including planned black Canary film but given the change, it also questions the future of all of DC’s HBO Max projects — including green lantern,

green lantern The series was first announced back in the fall of 2019 as part of HBO Max’s WarnerMedia Day, where it was revealed that the series was in the works from Berlanti Productions, with the same company behind The CW’s Arrowverse show. titans And doom patrol Both of which air on HBO Max. However, as progress on that announcement has been slow with few updates, what writer and showrunner Seth Graham-Smith previously described as a “big undertaking” will take “a while” to become a reality.

the scope of green lantern With the series set to be set at several points in time and starring Wittrock it is reported to be much larger (american horror story deep water) as Guy Gardner, and Irwin (War Horse, Mamma Mia! here we go again) as Alan Scott, with Tobias Menzies (game of thrones, the crown) was previously rumored to portray Sinestro. The series is also expected to feature Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilovog and a newly-created character named Brie Jarta.

But there have been big changes since then for HBO Max. green lanternAnnouncement and merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery. Warner Bros. Discovery not only wants DC movies to debut in theaters, but films made for HBO Max now need smaller budgets. On top of that, David Zaslav, head of Warner Bros. Discovery, is taking other steps to streamline things, reduce costs, and make major changes to HBO Max’s programming. Clearly a change in DC’s slate’s approach and green lantern Already being a large, potentially priced project that’s now three years in development, with a little forward momentum, isn’t a huge leap to think about. green lantern Not likely to proceed. For another high-profile DC series in the works, batmann spinoff series the Penguin Which was placed on a straight-to-series order earlier this year? There haven’t been too many updates on that yet. It’s a series that’s nobody’s guess, although star Colin Farrell was very optimistic about it in a recent interview.

As for HBO Max’s current live-action DC series? They might not even be safe. Many have speculated for some time that titans was nearing the end of his run and for the same doom patrol, Both of those series have fourth seasons that are expected to arrive on HBO Max sometime later this year, so it looks like fans will at least get — titans The particular is currently in active production – but it may also last. peacemakerOn the other hand, seems safe for the time being. Series producer James Gunn took to social media on Tuesday to assure fans that season 2 of the series is safe.

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