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What Does Batgirl’s Cancellation Mean for DC’s Black Canary Movie?

The live-action DC Multiverse was hit with a shocking piece of news on Tuesday, when reports confirmed that Warner Bros. would be putting it on the back burner. bat girl Despite the film, the production of the film has already been completed. The decision was reportedly made due to a change in DC’s larger film slate, the studio’s HBO Max streaming service (which is also known as the HBO Max streaming service). bat girl had been planned to start earlier). bat girlThe abrupt cancellation of the series has now left some people wondering about the future of other reported or confirmed DC projects — including another planned HBO Max-exclusive film. bat girlcorner of the dc universe, black Canary,

First announced to be in development in August of last year, black Canary Will exit 2020 events Birds of Prey (and the Fabulous Salvation of a Harley Quinn), in which Jurnee Smollett reprized her role as the superhero and Misha Green wrote the screenplay. While Smollett was never confirmed to appear bat girlRumors from late last year indicated that the film will help establish the story of black Canary, appears in the comics as the founding members of Birds of Prey, pretending to be the close friendship of the two characters. photos from bat girlEarlier this year the set also revealed visual references to Black Canary, namely in the form of a multiple universe poster for its musical performance.

it would certainly be possible black CanaryThe story of the unfolding without those references bat girlAudiences are already preoccupied with his appearance, especially after Smollett’s Dinah Lance. birds of prey, But the big change Warner Bros. Discovery appears to have with its DC slate is the question of what not. black Canary It may eventually get the ax as well, unless the film is able to execute as a massive blockbuster by leaps and bounds. of studio blue beetle The film finally got that treatment, going from an HBO Max-exclusive release to a theatrical release even before its production debuted earlier this year, and appears to have allowed for a higher budget for it. it is not out of the question that black Canary may receive the same fate, especially when rumors about its supporting cast include other important DC characters such as Green Arrow to the League of Assassins, but it remains to be seen whether that will eventually happen, or whether the film will be canceled before that. Will happen. could even start.

Another hypothetical possibility – although one certainly not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination – could be for the narrative of black Canary To be reinvented as a television show. DC has already turned characters from its movies into its own series, including John Cena’s Peacemaker after getting its own hit show. suicide squadAnd Colin Farrell’s The Penguin is ready to get one Batman, Fans of Black Canary had already campaigned for an HBO or HBO Max-exclusive series for the character before the film was first reported, so it certainly wouldn’t be unprecedented to release the project in that format — but then again. Well, it all depends on whether DC wants to take that story forward.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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