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What did the critics think?

What did the critics think?

Top Gun: Maverick The film is ready for takeoff and critics are loving the film so far. As the reviews roll in, it’s clear that Paramount has a massive hit on its hands. Tom Cruise is back as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and he’s still as charismatic as ever. Miles Teller brings some real life as Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw. Of course, the younger actor plays the son of Goose, the Maverick’s friend from the first film. All of this causes Cruz to face the ghosts of his past and the future. It’s all very evocative and referenced to the first film. But, most reviewers think Rogue eclipses top Gunastonishingly!

So, what critics (including ComicBook.com’s own Spencer Perry) are saying about another journey into the world top Gun, See All the Take Downs Below Rogue Hits the screens on 24th May.

An exciting flight in the sequel

CNNK Brian Lowry praised the work on display in Maverick. He likens it to real-life magic tricks.

“Combining nonstalgia and full-throttle action, Top Gun: Maverick has it high more than any right, after 36 years (including delays in the Covid release), using a good but great film as its jumpsuits Producing a sequel- off point. It might not be enough to take your breath away, but as the summer entertainment goes, it comes shockingly close.”


a wonderfully entertaining blockbuster

sports radarK Jamie Graham had an absolute blast with Maverick, despite the presence of so many callbacks to the original. It flies high.

“‘It all comes down to the man or the woman in the box,'” says Maverick of the importance of aviators, and how cruise is at its best when it comes to tentpole adventures. Director Joseph Kosinski and producer/partner/friend Christopher McQuarrie, he has created an expertly crafted, wonderfully enjoyable and surprisingly emotional blockbuster.”


One of the best blockbusters in years

colliderK Ras Bonaim says the sequel will take your breath away. It is entirely in Top Gun’s lineage, but really manages to thrill and surpass the original.

“in Top Gun: MaverickThe shockingly great sequel from director Joseph Kosinski (oblivion, Tron: Legacy), Maverick is living in the shadow of the choices the younger Maverick made, and now, 36 years later, the character is back, ready to face the danger zone of a past that left him in the first film. Has been haunted since.”


A High Flying Sequel to Remember

IGNMatt Donato of Maverick acknowledges the “80s of it all” present. But, it applauds the film for sticking to its guns and providing a refreshing journey to cinema this summer.

“Top Gun: Maverick Afterburner is an out-of-bounds explosion of smoke and thrilling highs that are sure to delight audiences looking for classic summer blockbusters. Director Joseph Kosinski doesn’t lose sight of the nostalgia of ’80s movies.” who were light on reason and heavy on chest-beating valor.”


“The tramp takes to the skies, sticks to the formula”

USA TodayBrian Truett jokingly says that Tom Cruise knows what the audience wants and doesn’t waste time giving it to them. But, there’s also a heartfelt emotional streak to this high-flying adventure.

“As wildly cool as the air fight scenes were originally, the sequel’s action sequences level them with unrealistic camera angles and nonstop tension. Kosinski’s goal is to give moviegoers the feeling that GG-forces yours. What’s it like to bang heads and wonder where the bad guys are coming from in Blue Blaze. Toss in the unmistakable Harold Faltermeer theme and it’s like you’re 10 years old again, watching Maverick rule the air for the first time. Watching it happen.”


fueled and ready for takeoff

Hollywood ReporterKay David Rooney praises the original’s dedication, as well as managing to serve as a focus on Tom Cruise’s career.

“‘It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot,’ we hear more than once. And Cruise leaves no question that he’s a pilot, despite hiring a pro craft team and a solid ensemble, who have been widely Flight training was put through. Even the remnant F-14 Tomcat, Maverick’s tactical fighter of choice in the first film, gets ready for a glorified lap, saluting aging movie stars and Old technology in one.”


The Most Satisfying Summer Action Movie Since ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

IndieWireDavid Ehrlich is also about Maverick’s technical adventures as it plays out like the Ace Combat video game brought to life.

“Watching a cruise pilot a fighter jet 200 feet above the floor of Death Valley, another corkscrew through Washington’s Cascade Mountains, and sustaining so many G-forces put on one of the weakest performances of his career.” Given that you can practically see him clearly. In real time, you realize – more clearly than ever – that this wild-eyed maniac makes movies like his life, depending on Because it does, and not the first time.”


A Barrier-Breaking Sequel

varietyK Peter DiBruz feels the film just soars high. It is no small feat to justify the existence of a sequel so many years after the fact. But, incredibly, Maverick manages to do so.

One could argue that our post-Cold War new world didn’t need a “Top Gun” sequel. (Tom Cruise himself once insisted so.) But it would be wrong to do so. Building on the three-parts-steel-to-one-part-corn equation, which director Tony Scott set so effectively 36 years ago, the new film far more than merits its existence, Cruise’s character, “Pete”. Maverick” reflects in pursuing Mitchell. What Machines Can Do – In this case the machine is the cinema, which takes to the skies as there have been no blockbusters before.


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Reference from comicbook.com

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