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Wesley Snipes on Blade Returns: “Never Say Never”

24 years ago, Wesley Snipes made his debut as Blade, a little-known Marvel character at the time who was a half-vampire. After a smashing success at the box office with 1998 bladeNew Line Cinema produced two follow-ups, including a feature directed by Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro. Now, Marvel Studios is getting ready to launch its own version blade With a new property, the franchise is set to begin filming in a matter of days.

Still, Snipes says he’ll never close the door on a possible return to the character. As long as he’s able to play DeWalker, he’ll always have an open mind, should Marvel ever call it quits.

“Never say never. As long as I’m healthy and in shape, I can rock with them,” blade Tara tells us. “Yeah, as far as my predictions on something like this happening in the future, I don’t know. I don’t know. I feel like if it had happened, it would have already happened. But hey, Never Say Never.” “

He also says that Marvel Studios has yet to contact him about a possible cameo in any future Marvel property.

“No, not yet,” Snipes revealed before jokingly going on, “I’m still working on my acting skills. So when I come out as an actor, maybe they’ll reach out and say, ‘Let’s have a conversation,’ or maybe they don’t think I’m in the ensemble.”

That said, Snipes has already given his blessing to two-time Oscar winner Ali, who approached Marvel boss Kevin Feige about stepping into the role.

“We talked. The issue of him being cast wasn’t between us, I’m good with that,” shared Snipes Yahoo!Kevin Polovy. “I don’t spin as Blade, so I don’t stick to that kind of character. I haven’t suffered any emotional harm, Zero, and I’m glad he’s being recreated and will more than likely do a good job.”

We spoke in support of Snipes exiled, An original graphic novel now getting funding on Kickstarter, blade The trilogy is now streaming on HBO Max. marvel studios blade The reboot has yet to set a release date.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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